22 Photos - May 12, 2013
Photo: Idaho is a mix of desert, wilderness, farmland, subdivisions, cities....and vineyards.Photo: My sister Miki's house.Photo: Miki's House from the side.Photo: Farm across from the subdivision, mountains in the back.Photo: Walking in the subdivision behind ours.Photo: Housing lights not bad.  Comet PANSStars between the homes and the power line.Photo: Grass in the farmland between subdivisions.Photo: Subdivisions in Caldwell with fields in between.  Photo from part of my longer walks.Photo: Third of a pan shot on my walk.Photo: Wind power array in Nevada, on the "scenic route" to Las Vegas.Photo: Mountains in Nevada, wind power array is off camera to the left.Photo: Miki's Cat named Scratch, distracted from the pink string she was playing with.Photo: Miki's other kitty, Toulouse.  Very fuzzy and shy.Photo: Toulouse playing with the string.Photo: Miki's cat scratch likes to play with the string.Photo: Hell's Canyon Winery.  My sister ahead of me.Photo: View from Hell's Canyon Winery.Photo: Goat head thorns all of these from the bottom of my shoes after a short walk through an non-landscaped lot.Photo: Lounge and Store at St. Chappelle Winery.Photo: Daffodils, grape vines and apricot trees in the background.Photo: Fruit trees are also grown the area, apricot, cherry and apple mostly.Photo: View from the Ste. Chapelle Winery.