19 Photos - Feb 13, 2015
Photo: Working with cloud services to manage network traffic and block malware from connecting to bot\remote networks!Photo: Keeping work for just work... #ResearchFacility #NoDistractionsPhoto: working with routers on flashed firmware to manage multiple networksPhoto: Photo: Solar charge controllerPhoto: Solar inverter systemPhoto: Solar 7.5KVA inverter system DB #TIA took long enough to find all the circuits we wanted to power.Photo: Setting up Ubuntu serverPhoto: 45 watt PV panel to power communication links and laptop charging added another 55 watt panel as well to help charge some gel batteries.Photo: former cafe in transition away from old cafe setup to just wireless service provision. most desktops have been removed and only thin clients are running on the wall mounted monitorsPhoto: Switching over all machines to linuxPhoto: ADSL system wifi bridge to meshPhoto: WAKA WAKA Pawa at apt in Abuja charging my kindle...Photo: WAKA WAKA Pawa at apt in Abuja charging my bluetooth headset...Photo: Printers added to enable provision of services to the GAKU Primary School cutting costs for management.Photo: 8TB NAS for local network storagePhoto: Charging different types of smartphonesPhoto: experimenting with having a portable charging system in the car to keep a charged light close by 24/7Photo: PV charges a light in the trunk while driving around. Can also charge battery packs or keep a car battery charged when travelling for long periods.