60 Photos - Apr 5, 2015
Photo: There's an amazing array of fixtures available including hand-made copper like this.Photo: Nightlighting in water shows of it's motion.Photo: Texture is enhanced with lighting.Photo: This is our garden. Lighting makes the house look more welcoming.Photo: Don't really need to say anything - pic says enough.Photo: Low voltage lighting is so safe, the wires only need to be buried an inch below the surface.Photo: Lighting makes structures look their best.Photo: Back-lighting adds drama.Photo: Photo: 'Moonlighting' is a technique of casting light through branches to throw shadows on the ground.Photo: Proper lighting of steps adds to safety. Light from the side to reduce shadows.Photo: Uplighting makes trees stand out and enhances the bark.Photo: Unique plants should be highlighted along with water.Photo: Art and lighting go together beautifully and with the yard lit, you can enjoy both in the evening when you're ACTUALLY home to enjoy it.Photo: Photo: Details shine, literally, with low voltage lighting.Photo: The corners of your yard are often lost but lighting can return them to prominence.Photo: You'll actually look FORWARD to winter with lighting.Photo: Winter lighting is magical with snowflakes falling through the beams of light.Photo: Fixtures should blend into the garden, even when lighting pathways.Photo: KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAPhoto: KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAPhoto: Foliage of special plants like Japanese Maple glows with proper lighting.Photo: Look for features or plants that can cast dramatic shadows.Photo: You don't need to be stuck on the deck. Lighting makes the whole landscape beautiful and usable.Photo: Imagine YOUR yard looking this beautiful, even in the night.Photo: When you've created a yard this lovely, enjoy it more with lighting.Photo: KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAPhoto: Hand made copper fixtures like this one can look beautiful, even in daylight.Photo: Don't forget to light children's play structures.Photo: Indirect lighting is best. lighting the top of this arbor lights the whole area.Photo: Thin red foliage glows.Photo: Casting light across and through a water feature casts dappled patterns on the surrounding plantings.Photo: Lighting brings out the most important of all landscaping elements - TEXTURE!Photo: Water features become places of magic when properly lit.Photo: The colours and forms of Fall look their best with low-voltage lighting.Photo: Make all your spaces useful and safe.Photo: When possible, light pathways from above for safety and security. It's also a more subtle form of lighting.Photo: 'Washing' is a technique of casting light sideways across a wall or fence to bring out differences in texture.Photo: Photo: Stunning homes deserve stunning landscapes. Stunning landscapes deserve stunning lighting.Photo: Subtlety is the key to good lighting.Photo: Special plants like bamboo glow from the inside when light is cast upwards into them.Photo: Texture is highlighted with lighting. Lighting this pot also lights the deck of the nearby pool.Photo: SONY DSCPhoto: String lights woven through weeping shrubs them glow from the inside.Photo: Lighting is art. Think of it as painting with light.Photo: Delicate hand-made copper fixtures like this are perfect for lighting where fixtures can't be hidden.Photo: SONY DSCPhoto: Low-voltage lighting works on 12 volts. That's not enough to penetrate the skin so it's ok to be buried only an inch below the soil.Photo: Aim lights carefully for full effect. They'll need to be touched up each spring.Photo: Mounting lights in trees is more practical now that LED lamps are available since they should never need to be changed.Photo: Use special lithium-filled mars to stop water from getting into the wires.Photo: Water deserves to be lit and new fully-sealed LED fixtures are perfect for that.Photo: Lighting this maple lights the garden and the path. Light can serve many purposes at the same time.Photo: Lighting is practical art!Photo: SONY DSCPhoto: Softly light steps from the side to avoid shadowsPhoto: Rocks cored out with sealed LED fixtures inserted are great for hiding the source of light, while still providing safety.Photo: Imagine your yard softly lit and enjoyable - after a long day at work, a treat to come home to.