111 Photos - Apr 3, 2015
Photo: 'Grace'Photo: Tell me I got that!Photo: Red-necked TanagerPhoto: myan perspectivePhoto: Photo: Sticks and FrostPhoto: frosted hemlock 1Photo: MatchsticksPhoto: sepia worldPhoto: parrot & sergeantsPhoto: icePhoto: reed reflectionsPhoto: DryadPhoto: GossipPhoto: Anhinga anhingaPhoto: jubilationPhoto: SpillPhoto: HeartsPhoto: FireworksPhoto: Palm BerriesPhoto: Lemna minorPhoto: Leona vicarioPhoto: Shades of RosePhoto: UnfoldingPhoto: dragon boatsPhoto: A New Day (Hope Springs)Photo: Self-portraitPhoto: SafePhoto: giants sunbathingPhoto: Almost SurrealPhoto: Poseidon's ThumbprintPhoto: a touch wornPhoto: FantasiaPhoto: Einstein's DreamPhoto: Aptly NamedPhoto: Anyone's GuessPhoto: ConvergencePhoto: NelumboPhoto: ikyPhoto: Andropogon with Cambria SaucePhoto: DancingPhoto: shades of invisiblePhoto: O'KeefePhoto: ContrastPhoto: Feed us pleasePhoto: ChrysalisPhoto: CascadePhoto: MasksPhoto: GeometryPhoto: HelianthusPhoto: Haliburton High LandsPhoto: ClarityPhoto: GlidepathPhoto: AeoniumPhoto: TracksPhoto: snail nibbliesPhoto: Apricot ParrotPhoto: ButterfliesPhoto: Sumac on the Grand - inside out berriesPhoto: ChickoryPhoto: ArtichokesPhoto: That Black Bird with the Red Mark On It's WingPhoto: PartnershipsPhoto: Porkypiny cutnessPhoto: Stop! Stop!Photo: Mermaid's HairPhoto: Chitzen Itza IIPhoto: Little Green HeronPhoto: Cathedral de Pinus resinosaPhoto: Chitzen Itza IIIPhoto: Chitzen Itza IVPhoto: Chitzen Itza IPhoto: Modern ReligionPhoto: LayersPhoto: Shades of Invisible IIPhoto: jurassic IIPhoto: jurassicPhoto: Majesty IIPhoto: MajestyPhoto: HorstPhoto: Old City HallPhoto: Night Out on the TownPhoto: Opuntia macrorhizaPhoto: Arowhan EveningPhoto: Motion CapturedPhoto: Worth a BuckPhoto: Broad Billed HummingbirdPhoto: Columbia IIPhoto: ColumbiaPhoto: Fall Explosions on a Mill PondPhoto: English BayPhoto: Nature's Eye 02Photo: Nature's Eye 01Photo: Modern Religion IIPhoto: PanoramalandPhoto: Oak AlleyPhoto: Can I HELP YouPhoto: Not the Houston You ExpectedPhoto: or UsPhoto: UsPhoto: High IslandPhoto: Planting milkweed (this is butterfly milkweed)  is great for our iconic Monarch butterfly. It's a great plant in the landscape, being super drought-tolerant and giving colour in late summer. It many parts of it are edible as well.Photo: demillePhoto: GaiaPhoto: Scales of BeautyPhoto: Supervising GeometryPhoto: Tell me I got thatPhoto: Red-necked TanagerPhoto: Christo RedemptorPhoto: MorphoPhoto: Miracle