56 Photos - Nov 27, 2011
Photo: Lift - it doesn't work anymore, which is why this station is closedPhoto: Photo: You can just see me in the miror reflectionPhoto: "Out of Order"Photo: Look up!Photo: Photo: The 1980's ticket office windowPhoto: Lift height indicator - no longer workingPhoto: Lift controlsPhoto: Very old RoundelPhoto: Faked War posters on the usable platformPhoto: Look, there's a train!Photo: Faked (or reproduced) late 40's/early 50's Tube PostersPhoto: What looks like a late 40's map, showing some tube extensions that never came to fruitionPhoto: Photo: Apparently, London Transport had a badge for everythingPhoto: Photo: Newer, but grubby RoundelPhoto: The tunnel off towards HolbornPhoto: Only slightly concerned about that warning notice...Photo: A surprisingly high number of women were on our tourPhoto: Shinier Newer RoundelPhoto: Photo: Photo: Really? You can't tell!Photo: Photo: Look, look, I've taken a picture from the middle of the track!Photo: The disused tunnel has been used for a number of things, including experimental tiling. Piccadilly Circus, anyone?Photo: The blocked up tunnel that once ran up to HolbornPhoto: The only surviving example of a conductor rail in the middle of the track. Also, no suicide pit.Photo: Say my name!Photo: Some of the reproduced postersPhoto: Apparently this was a hot topic of debate in the 70's too!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: They are not kidding!Photo: Extreme close up!Photo: The passagewayPhoto: I'm quite proud of the photography on this one!Photo: My glamourous assistant for the day!Photo: He seemed to enjoy himselfPhoto: Photo: The original, 1907 ticket hallPhoto: Which was so subtle that this sign was very much neededPhoto: Adorning the wall of the ladies toiletsPhoto: That's a lot of telephones for a station that was never that well usedPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: And yet, people still came and asked us what we were queuing up forPhoto: The original name for the station