179 Photos - Jul 25, 2012
Photo: the blurred image is not the early morning mist but the camera playing upPhoto: this is it; off the trailer with the container behindPhoto: bedecked, bejeweled and beautifulPhoto: how many will see this and smile or curse?Photo: Dougal eat your heart outPhoto: thanks Anstey; you were brilliantPhoto: looking good!Photo: what will you look like after the adventure?Photo: Ron Hayhurst having a ride; the car moving so fast that the picture is blurredPhoto: coming back!
We hope so but first we have to raise 1 million pounds; HELP!Photo: on the way up, much easier than Le PazPhoto: nearly there!Photo: home for the next few weeksPhoto: ramp away; this is itPhoto: last glimpse for a while; safe journeyPhoto: job done goodPhoto: sightseeing on the Potomac
Sunday 22-07-12Photo: one of only 6 sternwheelers still plying the watersPhoto: an old riverside boat housePhoto: planes take off and land into Ronald Regan; mostly short haul. This includes the President and Airforce 1.Photo: The White House, off in the distance.Photo: Washington Memorial L & Jefferson memorial RPhoto: they fly really lowPhoto: Photo: Jefferson MemorialPhoto: Lincoln MemorialPhoto: Jefferson Memorial,
Lincoln Memorial.
Like the Valley of the Kings?Photo: George Town, with the Cathedral in the backgroundPhoto: The Opera House will be old one dayPhoto: Watergate; the home to so much morePhoto: Georgetown main StreetPhoto: We are arrived!Photo: Man with fishPhoto: bird with pop cornPhoto: man having caught fishPhoto: Jefferson and Lincoln memorials on the way backPhoto: More like the valley of the Kings?Photo: Washington skylinePhoto: I'm going on a jet plane when the journey is overPhoto: maybe more than one?Photo: we came from a wet land to another hoping that the sun will always shinePhoto: or another?Photo: looking pleased to be here?Photo: everyone loves messing about in boatsPhoto: old and beautifulPhoto: its a sternwheelerPhoto: get me out of here........Photo: can't leave just yet, its lunch timePhoto: the great big warehouse in a great big world; all yet to be discoveredPhoto: heading off at lastPhoto: it's true we're on our wayPhoto: this is Breezewood and I'm feeling tinyPhoto: its very large indeed, everything....Photo: tiny?
that reads minutePhoto: vastPhoto: vistasPhoto: microscopic?Photo: the food's really good.
it took us a while to buy for one and eat for twoPhoto: three boys and their toysPhoto: Bob, his cousin andPhoto: American Austin, Model T and an Austin 7 special pretending to be a ChummyPhoto: Fascinating!Photo: its all the opposite way round tooPhoto: Photo: Photo: walart!Photo: shy wall art?Photo: Bantam, what became of the American AustinPhoto: these are the trucks made by the parent company. I think it was 6 each day or per shiftPhoto: the site of the original Standard factoryPhoto: this is the administrative block for the American Austin/Bantam/JeepPhoto: the far end of this building is where the cars were assembledPhoto: us and a picture from the original American Austin daysPhoto: a better picture of us and the ......Photo: the cup cake fountain at the 50th wedding anniversary to which we were invited after our tour of ButlerPhoto: the etceterasPhoto: the celebrants cutting the cake for the 50th timePhoto: Photo: its just wonderful!Photo: Charlotte and Bob Brandon who gave us a magical, memorable day in Butler. Thanks!Photo: 50 years and not a day too many....Photo: joy is not the prerogative of the youngPhoto: Home from HomePhoto: pretending to be busy in PlymouthPhoto: ah that's more like itPhoto: fascinating countryPhoto: bright, beautiful, colourfulPhoto: its all so bigPhoto: Photo: even the beer is served in big glassesPhoto: see, you can hardly see my facePhoto: the long and winding roadPhoto: takes you to beautiful placesPhoto: such big sky'sPhoto: such fertile landPhoto: as far as the eye can seePhoto: not so far in this viewPhoto: the MississippiPhoto: is a very big riverPhoto: Dubuque (as in rebuke)Photo: a very 'light' bridge across the MississippiPhoto: a beautiful meal and the start of a whole new topicPhoto: hot and vastPhoto: tractors from the film 'Cars'Photo: huge winding vistasPhoto: its all very bigPhoto: and fertilePhoto: this is MinneapolisPhoto: a vast city, just down river from here is the site of the bridge that collapsedPhoto: it was just to the left of the large new bridge you can see. 11 people were killed and many injuredPhoto: similar view to the previous shot but with the optical reflections in the stainless steel around a window in the remarkable TheatrePhoto: road works around the Capitol Building in MinneapolisPhoto: the CathedralPhoto: the Capitol BuildingPhoto: being restoredPhoto: Minneapolis skylinePhoto: Minneapolis skyline 2Photo: water in motionPhoto: what year did you say it was?Photo: a little further down the roadPhoto: trains and cars andPhoto: weatherPhoto: very big weatherPhoto: wonderful vistasPhoto: in a quiet valleyPhoto: off the main roadPhoto: where few carsPhoto: are to be seen.Photo: We travel in time and spacePhoto: undisturbedPhoto: A First Nation Park in which the Universe is explainedPhoto: the longest railway viaduct in the StatePhoto: in the Nation.Photo: and its called Valley CityPhoto: Sunflowers as far as ...........Photo: the eye can ............Photo: see.Photo: this could be 30 miles of straight road. The longest is more than 120 miles straight.Photo: another food related topic; a banana split.Photo: varied vistasPhoto: where ever you lookPhoto: colourful tooPhoto: fantastic!Photo: harvesting is a big businessPhoto: see!Photo: cross country rail travel takes on a new meaningPhoto: a lakePhoto: in a little car everything else is big, especially these Tonka tyresPhoto: more waterPhoto: as we traverse a viaductPhoto: that isPhoto: quite long.Photo: the fields are simply vastPhoto: and you need big machinesPhoto: to pump the oilPhoto: of which there is a lotPhoto: Big fieldPhoto: bigger fieldPhoto: very big fieldPhoto: very big field 2Photo: the scale of it all.....Photo: is often too much to comprehendPhoto: Chris's 1947 Dodge that has been almost everywhere manPhoto: seemingly the whole Austin might just fit under the hoodPhoto: you saw it here firstPhoto: a men sized roof rack, which is big enough to take the AustinPhoto: this is the pose of the origional owner in all the photos in Chris's possessionPhoto: off to Alaska, North by NorthwestPhoto: the scenary has changed more in this days travelling than any day previouslyPhoto: not so much cutivation and many more vertical cornersPhoto: the type of tree has changed to firPhoto: there are many more treesPhoto: amazing viaductPhoto: which appeared to get longer and longer as we approachedPhoto: IK Brunel would have approved of thisPhoto: morre rural, more isolatedPhoto: a wide, vast sweeping roadPhoto: stretching to the horizonPhoto: we are heading towards the Rockies