226 Photos - Sep 20, 2011
Photo: October 2009; This is how VJ arrived at the workshopPhoto: VJ on arrival; hood upPhoto: VJ's arrivalPhoto: October 2009; a sight that many will see....Photo: .......and now toplessPhoto: October 2009 the children's viewPhoto: October 2009Photo: having thought it was a 1928 Chummy, all is not what it seemsPhoto: a 3 bearing engine; that'll have to goPhoto: and so the disassembly beginsPhoto: engine out in one piecePhoto: ready to be loaded into the modern and off to find a new homePhoto: this shows some of the modifications made to create a 1928 car with a later chassisPhoto: all the wings and valences removedPhoto: who's this?Photo: not a very tidy worker...Photo: so many modifications and all about to change againPhoto: not quite the same as the Longbridge spec but just right for purposePhoto: gearbox ready for cleaning before dismantlingPhoto: body dismounted, ready for a close inspection of chassisPhoto: a lesson in faith hope and gravityPhoto: the rear petrol tank requiring some modifications.......Photo: sheet metal parts back from the paint strippersPhoto: sound, covered in Waxoyl, Evostick and foam in equal measurePhoto: and then there was a chassis in bitsPhoto: space utilisationPhoto: will it all go back together?Photo: cleaning, cleaning and more cleaningPhoto: boxes and boxes of partsPhoto: cleaningPhoto: so how do you use your kitchen?Photo: parts of the engine ready for its trip to Alex at Pigsty RacingPhoto: cleanerPhoto: much cleanerPhoto: very cleanPhoto: detail to show one method of chassis shortening/modificationPhoto: the welding of chassis extensionPhoto: welded chassis extension and spring mountingPhoto: longditudinal member welded at the rearPhoto: natural set or lack of alignmentPhoto: welding of shock absorber mounting O/SPhoto: welding of spring supporting plate O/SPhoto: very clean chassisPhoto: brake cross shaft bearing O/SPhoto: view through the bushesPhoto: mostly ready for paintingPhoto: steering parts; previuosly crack checked and ready for shot peeningPhoto: more washing upPhoto: a new use for the plate rackPhoto: showing the elongated holes to allow the brake adjusters to be fully floatingPhoto: chassis in etch primer with the felt strips cut ready to be soaked in Ensis fluidPhoto: the paint shopPhoto: lovely weather for drying; my dearPhoto: so much to do and so little timePhoto: chassis in blackPhoto: trial fit of a magneto engine to assess practicalities/measurementsPhoto: imperial and metric measurementsPhoto: from every which waysPhoto: it's jolly tight for changing the beltPhoto: its no better from this view eitherPhoto: yes I think we can nail it in OKPhoto: the space for the second battery under the drivers seat is severely compromisedPhoto: is there space enough for the alternator?Photo: this side will have a semidowndraft SU carburretor and a branched exhaust systemPhoto: only imperial and in boxwoodPhoto: tight, I'd say soPhoto: now what have I forgotten that we have to fit in this space?Photo: shows the cut out of the cow horn to clear the magneto timing chestPhoto: this is one way of trying to remove the layer of rust from a petrol tankPhoto: but you need a real friend who will lend you a mixerPhoto: removing all the tape reveals just how much rust is available to block the filterPhoto: the pot of screws that you expected to recylcle have done an amazing jobPhoto: but they also reveal pin hole perforations......Photo: yes its a sports petrol tank which just clears the back axle

(we hope)Photo: after soldered repairs, a coat of Fertan rust treatment and Fertan tank sealant its as good as newPhoto: the screws have gone for recyclingPhoto: all of themPhoto: and there is almost enough dust to fill half the potPhoto: the perforations are just discernable towards the bottom seamPhoto: and all that just for the second tankPhoto: resting the chassisPhoto: the wings look finePhoto: even from herePhoto: and herePhoto: etch primer looks OKPhoto: the chassis painted and restingPhoto: the small parts emporium

not exactly Joseph's raincoat tho'Photo: thereby hangs a talePhoto: the primer filler coat was the most difficult to apply and because the results were poor we decided to spray the top coatsPhoto: runing boards in the paint shopPhoto: with all the little bits to be painted blackPhoto: primer filler coat flatted and ready for colour coatsPhoto: we never tried for a concours finish!Photo: body exposedPhoto: any colour as long as its black....Photo: small parts paintingPhoto: the sleeping beauty!

all the painted parts are not yet ready for assemblyPhoto: two wise heads are more than the sum of one plus onePhoto: Brian Haines, having a think and a checkPhoto: Ron Hayhurst checking that all was right and good...Photo: the axle casing was well bent.....Photo: my first attempt at sprayingPhoto: the result is OK but not good enough.Photo: the wings in blackPhoto: looks pretty good to me; definitely not concours tho'Photo: Adrian Linscott heats up the axle casing for the first time....Photo: lets try again; its a bit betterPhoto: it's still not straight, there is a spiral twist in the casing......Photo: my first attempt at colour sprayingPhoto: the body masked ready for sprayingPhoto: flatted back and panel wipedPhoto: the floor is paintedPhoto: pre heating the body before painting with the infra red heaterPhoto: spooky!Photo: Stevie Wonder; teacher, mentor, wise person and good friend looks seriously at what is to be donePhoto: Stevie Wonder smiles too!Photo: so much choice

and all them are bent; some more than othersPhoto: a collection of axles; all shapes and often not very straightPhoto: a forest of axle tubes

enough for a spare to be put on the shelf in case of needPhoto: body freshly paintedPhoto: a little bit of repainting after not doing the job very well the first time. Yes thats OK!Photo: the body painted and looking goodPhoto: chassis all ready and waitingPhoto: your way a bit?

or is it my way a bit?

Never mind we'll get there......Photo: the celebration of replacing the body with many helpers.

Thanks yo' allPhoto: the body in place; wow beginning to look like the real thing!Photo: first trial fitting of the engine, There will be many ins and outs and insPhoto: its beginning to come togetherPhoto: fitting of radiator shell, bonnet and screenPhoto: rear chassis extension ready to accept the fitting of the rear tank, but how?Photo: All wrapped up and ready to roll.

Off to Beaulieu Sptember 2011Photo: and here we are at Beaulieu 2011Photo: Tony Leslie; Holmsdale Austin Sevens.

A very wise and patient man with graet wisdom and generosity.

Thanks Tony!Photo: James Weildon; the wheel builder who encouraged, advised and convinced me that the dream is possible; just do it.Photo: John Barlow; who listened advised and shared great wisdom when he had never met me.

Thanks John!Photo: Ken Burdekin; painter and paint man extrordinaire.

Such patience with a paint virgin, and the results are very OK for a beginner; Thanks!Photo: at last a public appearance; Beaulieu 2011Photo: David and Ilke Cochrane; who have done so much, especially showing great kindnessPhoto: ready to leave the show?Photo: Alex Mayll, Pigsty Racing who made so much happen....Photo: did we tie it on OK?Photo: nearside of engine bay, no exhaust system or horn yetPhoto: waiting for the exhaust to be madePhoto: and its still on the trailerPhoto: still on the trailerPhoto: not quite finished on this side..............Photo: great luck in finding a starting handlePhoto: detail of off side of engine bay, showing alternator, mag

and oil filterPhoto: all of a piece 

showing the alternator and poly V beltPhoto: detail of near side showing overflow tankPhoto: not a great deal of room for the air filterPhoto: driver's first impressionPhoto: drivers view

industrial style wiper motorPhoto: the supplementary dash panelPhoto: the auxillary dash panel crafted from a metal paint potPhoto: the driver's eye view, with the supplementary dash panelPhoto: looks just fine and I can see which way to goPhoto: the hand air pump, electric fuel pumpand some rather complex plumbingPhoto: the plumbing looks oh so complexPhoto: the bin bags hide the beautiful seats

the metal tonneau cover which will help to ensure the rear space has a degree of securityPhoto: the bootPhoto: there's a little noise that I don't like

it transpires its the fan bearing

Adrian Linscott behindPhoto: this is the first time I've smiled for a while

the car has just started for the first time (on the handle)Photo: this lever doesn't do much

David Morris supervisesPhoto: woof!Photo: the lights are right brightPhoto: I've just seen in the dark from my Austin 7Photo: its running, really!Photo: oh my!Photo: just off for the first trip under its own power in nearly 18 months..... the dreaded MOTPhoto: MOT duly passed 

 Roy and Rosamund Rowe suitably pleased too

outside Treburly GaragePhoto: Bideford very cold, but a beautiful dayPhoto: the view from the Police car parkPhoto: could be 1930?Photo: Westward Ho!Photo: amazing day,amazing placePhoto: Adrian Gorvin; the Magneto Magician who is a potential member of the magic circlePhoto: looks good, goes well ..........Photo: a lunch break in HoldsworthyPhoto: a tea break in LauncestonPhoto: a little light oilingPhoto: the underfloor secrets of 12 voltsPhoto: not quite as Longbridge intendedPhoto: trying to find a way to AmericaPhoto: ......the GPSPhoto: and there's nowhere to turn aroundPhoto: so we'll have to go back?Photo: could get my tyres wetPhoto: MAGIC!Photo: has my phone been hacked?Photo: BEAUTIFUL!Photo: how do I look from this side?Photo: better form this side?Photo: when did the world stop being black and white?Photo: its always been in colour.....Photo: feels a bit like a minnow coming out of the deepPhoto: Wonderful!Photo: Jenny Agutter knows how to use a cameraPhoto: we are all enjoying a day out in Taunton with Blue Cedar HomesPhoto: Eunice Kratky, me, Jenny Agutter, Nick Hole of Blue Cedar Homes and the cheque for bespkPhoto: David Yandle and I standing outside Seale Hayne before the concertPhoto: The Newton Abbot Orchestra tuning up for their wonderful concert to raise funds for bespk. Thanks yo' allPhoto: not looking where we are going, poop! poop!Photo: happiness is so many things to so many people.
Thanks Sue and Ted!Photo: we're all off to the end of the drivePhoto: the boot,
Marlies& Richard Bishop, Mike Davies and me considering SPACE....Photo: the carpets are dirty!
3500+ miles travelledPhoto: the mechanical fan is replaced with an electric type; hope it's reliable....Photo: the view that many will have which says it all...Photo: ready to roll; off to Bristol.
I hope I've done it well.....Photo: the blurred image is not the early morning mist but the camera playing upPhoto: this is it; off the trailer with the container behindPhoto: bedecked, bejeweled and beautifulPhoto: how many will see this and smile or curse?Photo: Dougal eat your heart outPhoto: thanks Anstey; you were brilliantPhoto: looking good!Photo: what will you look like after the adventure?Photo: Ron Hayhurst having a ride; the car moving so fast that the picture is blurredPhoto: coming back!
We hope so but first we have to raise 1 million pounds; HELP!Photo: on the way up, much easier than Le PazPhoto: nearly there!Photo: home for the next few weeksPhoto: ramp away; this is itPhoto: last glimpse for a while; safe journeyPhoto: job done good