77 Photos - Jun 6, 2013
Photo: Photo: Old fall river roadPhoto: Chasm FallsPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Alberta fallsPhoto: Alberta Falls on Glacier Gorge TrailPhoto: Alberta FallsPhoto: Glacier Gorge Trail in May 2013Photo: Photo: Glacier Gorge trail facing Taylor MountainPhoto: Fresh snow on Loch Vale Trail!Photo: We made the first track on May 30th, 2013 on Loch Vale Trail!!!Photo: Photo: Approaching Loch LakePhoto: Amazing High Mountain LakePhoto: Loch LakePhoto: Melting Loch LakePhoto: Photo: Photo: The foot bridge on the way to Mills LakePhoto: Mills LakePhoto: Mills LakePhoto: Photo: Mills LakePhoto: Photo: Photo: Longs Peak from Highway #7Photo: Photo: Photo: Mary's Lake Lodge in duskPhoto: Stellar JayPhoto: Nymph LakePhoto: Nymph LakePhoto: Photo: Photo: Dream LakePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Emerald LakePhoto: Photo: The Beautiful Peacock PoolPhoto: At the foot of Mt Lady WashingtonPhoto: towards the summitPhoto: Packed snow on Longs Peak TrailPhoto: at the base of Mt Lady WashingtonPhoto: Photo: Mt Lady WashingtonPhoto: Near the Summit of Mt Lady WashingtonPhoto: At the base of Longs PeakPhoto: Photo: Photo: Climb to Chasm LakePhoto: Longs Peak East Face soars 2000 Feet above Chasm LakePhoto: Chasm Lake at 11780 feet above sea levelPhoto: Longs Peak Diamond face immediate above frozen Chasm Lake on June 1st 2013Photo: Longs Peak from Chasm LakePhoto: Dangerous narrow snow trail toward Chasm LakePhoto: Marmot playing with my polesPhoto: Photo: Route 7 toward Longs Peak Trail HeadPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Writing Journal by Big Thompson RiverPhoto: Longs Peak from Lily Lake areaPhoto: Photo: