5 fotos - 10 jul. 2011
Foto: I joined G+ like I’ve done with every social network. With a lot of eye-rolling and thoughts of “why do I need this?” But I noticed one unintended feature that may make this the best place for cartoonists.Foto: All you have to do to add a multi-page comic, or an entire graphic novel to G+ is drag the pages into your photos tab. Google will order them and place them in a viewer for you.Foto: Then, you can choose who can see it. Is it a new release you want to show everyone? A work in progress you want feedback from friends on? A secret comic for subscribers or Kickstarter donors? It’s super easy to set up!Foto: Here is what the people you’ve shared will see. They just have to click on the first page to start reading.Foto: They can read the whole comic in the very viewer you’re reading this in. SImple, clean, fast loading, easy to read, comment, and share. I’ve stopped directing people here to my site, because this viewer is better. And you can still put your blog info, links, and merch info down here in the comments!