50 Photos - Aug 24, 2013
Photo: Julie Byrne brought flowers for our ceremony: lilies and roses for Mary, a single rose for Mark.Photo: I tried to do the pinningPhoto: Julie got it donePhoto: Big Day on Jorelemon and Court Street in Brooklyn, baby!Photo: Two beautiful bouquets.Photo: The Bouquet was deemed no danger to National Security.Photo: Checking in to the Registrar; here's where things starting moving fast!Photo: Before the ceremony, some business to do with the State of New York.Photo: We could not have had a kinder, more generous witness than Julie.Photo: Waiting for the clerk to call our names.Photo: Mark aptly named this "The Free-To-Be-You-and-Me Chapel."Photo: Words cannot express how lovely Mary is.Photo: Sweet groom.Photo: Marie Lennon's ceremony was so unexpectedly beautiful that we went back later to ask for a copy of the vows.  She tapped her head and said, "It's up here.  It's different every time." Tres Brooklyn!Photo: Photo: Mark's vows were long and detailed, and he delivered them flawlessly.Photo: All I had to say was, "I do!"Photo: Husband & Wife!Photo: Photo: We were giddy and light on our feet with smiles all around.Photo: ...and all before noon.Photo: One more kiss before we leave this groovy space.Photo: We did the job in Brooklyn and we have proof.Photo: Old-school New York.Photo: Photo: City Cerk, All Booughs, Monday thru Frida. Marie, however, had impeccable grammar.Photo: Mark, Mary, JuliePhoto: And with that, I got the world's hippest sister-in-law.Photo: ...with a warm, wonderful smile.Photo: My sweet sister.Photo: Cadman Plaza, outside Brooklyn Borough Hall.Photo: Wild English Garden and Greek Columns...with a golden sworded lady up above.Photo: Then I took my handsome husband out for coffee.Photo: Wedding breakfast at Cafe Pedlar on Court Street, Brooklyn. Palmieres, chocolate croissant and cappuccinos.Photo: Taking a newlywed stroll to Manhattan on the Brooklyn Bridge.Photo: Brooklyn Bride.Photo: Right after the wedding we went on a cruise. No really! A two-hour tour along the Hudson, the harbor, and up the East River.Photo: Two boroughs, two bridges.Photo: Back in Brooklyn for dinner at Frankie's 457. The guy who offered to take our photo was three sheets to the wind.  We were getting there.  Mark was ahead of me but only by half a glass.Photo: We got the coziest table in the garden patio at Frankie's 457--our favorite restaurant in Brooklyn.Photo: The next night, Julie and her beau Glen came over for a fiesta dinner.  Officially the main course was fish tacos, but really it was sangria.Photo: Let's eat!Photo: Julie and Glen gave us EVERYTHING a couple could want for a honeymoon.Photo: The night flew by with this golden, convivial couple!Photo: End of a happy night.Photo: Glen and JuliePhoto: OK, not to be gratuitous here, but this was the perfect taco. Leftovers from the wedding dinner made for days of taco heaven.Photo: Leaving our apartment in Crown Heights for a whirlwind honeymoon in the Hudson Valley.Photo: On the banks of the Hudson in Cold Spring, N.Y.Photo: