34 Photos - Apr 24, 2014
Photo: Sandcrab right side upPhoto: Sand crab turned overPhoto: Linda Mar State BeachPhoto: Linda Mar State BeachPhoto: Sand crab's telson being pulledPhoto: Sand crab exposurePhoto: Eggs!Photo: Eggs!Photo: Working hardPhoto: Getting wet!Photo: Searching for the crabs!Photo: Catching them all!Photo: Many, many eggs!Photo: Great time with the Wednesday lab!Photo: Working hard in the swash zone!Photo: The crabs will not escape!!!Photo: Getting down and dirty!Photo: Teamwork with the Monday lab!Photo: Teamwork part 2!Photo: Digging for crabs!Photo: Little babies!!!Photo: Deadliest Catch!Photo: Joe's not being crabby in this pic!Photo: Cool shot!Photo: A captured crab!Photo: More baby sand crabs!Photo: Big Mama crab!!!Photo: Big Mama's other side!Photo: Measuring crabsPhoto: Crabs everywhere!Photo: Digging is fun!Photo: Pool full of crabs!Photo: Pool full of crabs part 2Photo: The collecting continues!