17 Photos - Mar 27, 2011
Photo: Laura with her lovely Kylie at the Bones Brigade movie!Photo: A smooth carve at a skate park bowl.Photo: Off the top of a bowl on a early oak Torger board with a carved bottom.Photo: Warren Bolster trying always to get the best shots as Laura traverses back down the bowl at Carlsbad SkateparkPhoto: Cindy Whitehead, Laura Thornhill & Ellen Berryman at the La Costa ReunionPhoto: An article on Laura talking about the first women being inducted into Sports Hall Of Fame!Photo: Rounding the cones at a contest trying to take home the trophy.Photo: The Legacy of Laura ThornhillPhoto: The inside cover (Table of contents cover section) of Skateboarder Magazine.Photo: An article on Laura in a European magazinePhoto: Riding a oak board and wearing all the right gear!Photo: With the moon out Laura still practicing her moves at nightPhoto: Hair blowing into the sky with the sun shining like a star while Laura is floating around the bowl.Photo: Laura & Robin with their own signature model boardsPhoto: Laura with her photogenic hair  blowing in the wind while doing  360'sPhoto: Laura with her Daughter Kylie at the movie premier of the Bones Brigade. taken Jan. 2012Photo: Laura and Robin 2 of the only women in the 70's to have their own models