11 Photos - Dec 10, 2014
Photo: Photo: Mocking up the stainless chainstays and Paragon Polydrops after some custom bending.Photo: Plenty of room for 32mm tires, and I'll add some bumps for extra clearance as well.Photo: For this angle you can see the slight bend I put near the dropouts which should allow for heel clearance.Photo: The inside chainstay reveal is left open for Di2 wire routing.Photo: A better shot of the Paragon Polydrops and the chainring and tire clearance "bumps" I added to the chainstays.Photo: Main tubes are all mitered and dry fit.Photo: I've also brazed up the fork tips and cut the blades to length, here I've got the fork dry fitted in the fixture to check the span.Photo: All the waterbottle bosses are brazed in and I've added this Di2 wiring port on the seat tube.Photo: Another Di2 wiring port along with the internal brake cable routing in the down tube.Photo: