16 Photos - Jun 19, 2014
Photo: A beautiful two toned blue paint scheme with gold and burgundy highlights!Photo: The fork is built, main tubes mitered and the chainstays are brazed up.Photo: Finished frame and fork.Photo: Lots going on with this fork crown, first the stainless plate brazed on to provide a ground for the dyno powered headlight, also my little "football" shaped fender mount will allow for easy fender installation.  There's also an enlarged gashole on the inside of the crown where the dyno wiring will be routed out to the headlight.Photo: Schmidt integraged dyno power dropout.  I'll press the insulator and contact plate in after paint and route the wiring with the offset hole that I've drilled into the dropout.Photo: I had Sean at Waterford weld some stainless eyelets onto the previously non-eyeleted dropouts and I've fillet brazed on a disc tab.Photo: Barry's Strada Fango is all lugged, and he asked for teardrops in the lugs a la my Modern Classic.  You can also see my rear brake and Di2 wiring ports in the down tube.Photo: A better view of those teardrops!Photo: More teardrops on both points of the seat lug.Photo: A nice curved seat stay bridge with a stainless fender boss and stainless rack mounts on the outside of the stays as well.Photo: Bottom bracket area with a piece of brake housing mocked up to show the routing.Photo: Paragon's lovely low mount disc brake dropouts.Photo: Di2 wiring exit on the inside face of the dropout.Photo: Awesomesauce, (test ride pedals notwithstanding...)Photo: These colors are amazing, even better in person.Photo: More of Jason's remarkable paintwork on this downtube panel, all the graphics are paint, no decals at all!