20 Photos - Apr 29, 2014
Photo: Another beautiful metallic green Ellis!Photo: All the raw materials, I've got the chainstays slotted up and prepped for brazing in the rear dropouts and I've raked out the fork blades.Photo: Making a down tube miter, first I use the lug as a guide and mark the rough outline of the miter.Photo: Next I hacksaw as close as I can to that outline.Photo: After some clean up and fitting on the fixture, a nice clean miter.Photo: Seat, top and down tube are all mitered up.Photo: Chainstays are slotted and ground to fit my Ellis dropouts.Photo: Starting on a fancy stainless fork crown, first step is a drilling a small starter hole.Photo: Now I'm enlarging that hole with my die grinder.Photo: Roughing in the shape of the crown with the dynafile.Photo: After a bit more clean up work, the final shape that will mimic the down tube lug.Photo: All the tubes are mitered and dry fit.  Just need to prep the lugs and do the final grinding on the ends of the seat stays.Photo: Fork is brazed, here's a look after a quick pass with some emery and a wire wheel, it'll get a better final finish soon in preparation for polish.Photo: A close up of the fork crown detail.Photo: Finished stainless head lugs.Photo: Fastback seat lug with long points.Photo: Bottom bracket and Di2 port on the seat tube.Photo: Ellis dropouts with the open chainstay reveal and stainless loop for Di2 wire routing.Photo: One of my favorite aesthetic elements, the fork crown details mirrors the lower head lug.Photo: Finished frame and fork, ready for the polisher and then paint!