21 Photos - Jan 24, 2014
Photo: Gene's green Ellis, blending into the countryside.Photo: Beatiful light green metallic with the shiny stainless lugs and driveside chainstay.Photo: The main triangle tubes are all mitered up.Photo: Stainless chainstays are waiting until I have the EPS parts so I can make sure or the wire routing.  The fork will be the next part of the project while I'm waiting.Photo: Detail work on the stainless fork crown.  I'll mimic this detail on both the head lugs as well.Photo: Ellis Cycles is learning to speak Italian electronic!Photo: Drive side chainstay is finished and pre-polished, the fork is brazed and ready for finishing along with the non-driveside chainstay.Photo: Mocking up the front derailleur and V2 EPS power unit so I can locate the waterbottle braze ons (where the power unit will also be attached inside the frame)  and the holes for the FD wire and charging port.Photo: Internal brake cable routing, fluxed and ready to braze.Photo: Brazed, still piping hot!Photo: Spiffing up some of Llewellyn's stainless "Custodian" lugs.Photo: All the main tubes are mitered and fitted up, along with the prepped lugs, almost ready to tack.Photo: A nice close up of the down tube lug and the wiring port on the down tube for the EPS wiring.Photo: A polished drive side chainstay, EPS port on the seat tube and an XL bottom bracket shell to accept the tapered Dedacciai seat and down tube.Photo: This hole for the EPS charging port is angled slightly toward the non-driveside of the seat tube for easy access.Photo: Finished stainless head lugs.Photo: I've done this treatment a couple times before, the stainless fork crown is cut to mimic the down tube lug.  Also a good look at the stainless EPS port on the down tube.Photo: The drive side chainstay and dropout will be polished and masked, so I need to finish the seat stay tab slightly differently to allow Jason an easier time masking for paint.Photo: Tight margins around that seat stay tab.Photo: On the front, I make sure the seat stay fully wraps the window.Photo: Both dropouts, after some quality time with the dynafile and some emery.