24 Photos - Jan 7, 2014
Photo: Looking sharp.Photo: Champagne!Photo: Manuel's Strada uses a mostly Columbus tubeset with XL diameter main tubes, some short taper Life chainstays that I rarely use, and a set of Llewellyn's XL lugs for a level top tube.Photo: Getting the chainstays built and finished as a subassembly is one of the first steps.Photo: I also got the fork brazed up yesterday, kinda messy as it sits now but that'll change with some quality dynafile and emery cloth time.Photo: The seat tube is mitered for the bottom bracket, I've got the fixture set up and now I'm ready to miter the other main tubes.Photo: The down tube, top tube and chainstays are all mitered an dry fit in the fixture.Photo: Seatstays are slotted for the dropouts and fitted up as well.Photo: Llewellyn's Cadenzia top tube lug after some serious shaping.Photo: The seat lug lost quite a bit of material as well.Photo: Down tube lug looking a bit more svelte as well.Photo: The bottom bracket is a stock Long Shen lug for XL diameter tubes.  I like to reshape the curves a bit and sharpen up all the points though.Photo: The lugs, after an acid wash just before tacking up the frame.Photo: I've skipped a couple steps, here's the frame fully brazed up and ready for finishing.Photo: After some serious time with file and emery cloth, these fastback stays are done.  Finishing the stays like this always reminds me of my time at Serotta, these are very Serotta-esque.Photo: A very trim Llewellyn lug with the fastback stays and a bit of a fillet wrapping around the binder as well.Photo: Love this internal fork crown, super smooth and sexy.Photo: Another trimmed up Llewellyn lug along with my internal brake cable routing.Photo: Down tube lug with long sharp points!Photo: Love all the curves around the bottom bracket.Photo: And a shot of my Ellis dropouts and the short taper Columbus chainstays.Photo: Close of up the seat stay to dropout connection, tight finishing.Photo: Silva arched brake bridge with a stainless washer for the brake mount.Photo: The finished frame and fork.