43 Photos - Nov 25, 2013
Photo: All business up front!Photo: Photo: Lots of fillet goodness wrapping around the seattube, downtube and chainstays.  Also a nice view of my curved chainstay bridge and internal hydraulic line for the rear brake.Photo: Bottom bracket.Photo: Another view of the bottom bracket.Photo: Fillet seat cluster and my smooth internal rear derailleur cable routing.Photo: Curvy seat stays and some FAT rubber back there!Photo: Paragon dropouts, stainless faces on the eyelets and smooth finishing on the seat and chainstay tabs.Photo: Finished seat stay tab.Photo: Best Fillet Bike at the 2014 NAHBS!Photo: A nice photo courtesy of Patrick Brady on RedKitePrayer.Photo: Photo by Patrick Brady.Photo: White Industries fatbike hubs.Photo: XX1 11 speed cassette, this thing is pretty damn impressive!Photo: Dang!Photo: What could this be?Photo: Ohhh, HED wheels!Photo: Yo Mamma!Photo: This could get interesting...Photo: Don't need no stinking 135mm, it's 170 all the way!Photo: The Inset head tube puck puts the 1" and 1 1/8" ones to shame as well.Photo: I've got an Inset head tube and low mount disc dropouts from Paragon, the tubing is mostly Dedacciai's ZeroUno 29'er set with the exceptoin of the seat tube which is an externally butted Columbus Zona.Photo: I cut a bit off the minor end of the stays to get the bends where I want them and now everything is fluxed up and ready to braze.Photo: Mocking things up to make sure my dropout tabs are bent exactly right.Photo: That doesn't look too bad with the 4.0" tire in there!Photo: It's really starting to look like a bike now, I just need to route the internals for the rear brake hose in the down tube and the derailleur cable in the top tube.Photo: I added a bit of bend to the seat stays for extra clearance and mitered everything up.Photo: Plenty of room to roam!Photo: The top tube and down tube are drilled and have stainless tubing for routing full length shifter housing and brake hose, just need to flux them up and braze them into the tubes.Photo: Chainline is looking perfect, my bonehead mistake was not installing the non-drive side cup which is really what locates the crank, mystery solved!Photo: A nice view of the tire and chainring clearance while I've got it all set up.Photo: Fluxed and ready to tack.Photo: Had to pop the wheel in once the frame was tacked, looking like a fatbike!Photo: Also wanted to double check the seat stay tire clearance!Photo: Fully brazed, those dropouts are still piping hot.Photo: Not super pretty, but it'll get better soon.Photo: This 100mm shell should make finishing the bottom bracket fillet quite a bit easier.Photo: Head tube fillets and the internals for brake and derailleur.Photo: That's a little smoother...Photo: Finished head tube fillets on that big 44mm Paragon head tube along with internal routing for both the rear derailleur housing (top tube) and rear brake (down tube).Photo: Sexy curved bridges with smooooth fillets.Photo: A mockup of the rear brake routing.Photo: Satin Titanium powdercoat with red Ellis logos!