11 Photos - Nov 21, 2013
Photo: Greg's bike, almost there, just need some pedals and he's ready to roll!Photo: A beautiful Navy blue with silver and burgundy highlights.Photo: Raw materials for a Strada.Photo: Franklin is on duty!Photo: Two seat lugs, piping hot after I braze in the one bolt binders.  The second lug is for an upcoming frame, thought I'd save some time by doing both at the same time.Photo: The modified seat lug on the left will take a simple M6 bolt while the stock lug on the right requires a two piece bolt that would often cause the paint to chip around the binder area.Photo: After and before.Photo: Fork is brazed and drilled, chainstays are brazed and finished.Photo: A closer look at those Ellis dropouts.Photo: Finished seat lug with fastback stays and internal top tube cable routing.Photo: Ellis #107