24 Photos - Oct 29, 2013
Photo: Photo: Photo: Finished.  The black headset looks a bit harsh now, but once the bike is built up with Dura Ace, it blends in perfectly.Photo: Built up with an ENVE carbon fork and Dura Ace mechanical group.Photo: Starting from scratch!Photo: Started out working on the lugs for John's bike, I've already drilled out the seat lug and brazed in a one-bolt binder here, but other than that they are all fresh out of the box.Photo: Nothing but curves and points for miles!Photo: All four lugs, cut and prepped...Photo: Got all three of the main tubes mitered and fitup in the fixture.Photo: Brazing the internal brake cable routing.Photo: After soaking and some finishing!Photo: Finishing up the down tube lug so I can braze on some head tube cable stops.Photo: And now with head tube cable stops!Photo: So pointy!Photo: "Modern" cut top tube lug with a seamless 20mm head tube extension.Photo: Finished frame and fork.Photo: Lots of nice curves here.Photo: Brake bridge is hollow underneath.  I also add a stainless washer for the brake mount.Photo: Smooth fastback seat stay fillets.Photo: Dropout detail shot.Photo: "The sliver" as Jason and I call it will be masked off so when the axle contacts the dropout here during wheel changes it won't chip the paint.Photo: More curves on this shot of the bottom bracket.Photo: Love this internal fork crown, smooooooth!Photo: Seamless finishing as the dropout flows into the fork blade.