35 Photos - Oct 22, 2013
Photo: A real classic with SLX tubing and the polished Dura Ace 25th Anniversary group.Photo: I modified this Henry James seat lug just a bit with the extra point on the side.  Also a taste of Jason's amazing panels and pinstriping on the seat tube.Photo: Ellis dropouts and Dura Ace bling.  Notice that even the cable housing has "Dura Ace 25" on it!Photo: Shiny alloy, what more can I say?Photo: Fastback seat cluster with the brake housing hugging the seat post.Photo: A beautiful backside...Photo: Love those panels and pinstripes.Photo: A beauty up front as well.Photo: Look closely, you'll see the amazing subtle chainring stencils on the white head tube.Photo: Another shot of that white head tube and my "Made In Wisconsin" logo on the seat tube panel.Photo: NAHBS, here we come.Photo: A nice close up of the head tube with it's "ghost" chainrings.Photo: 9:30am, Columbus SLX tubes, a collection of Henry James and Long Shen lugs and of course my Ellis dropouts.  (I brazed up the chainstays a couple weeks ago, along with a couple other sets, so I have a slight head start.)Photo: 11:00am, the fixture is set up and the main tubes and chainstays are all mitered.Photo: Meanwhile, Chuck is keeping an eye on things from the alignment plate!Photo: 11:45am, the fork blades are raked, cut to length and everything dry fit in the fixture.Photo: 1:00pm, after lunch I worked on the internal cable routing for the top tube.  I've got it all set up and ready to braze into the tube here.Photo: 3:00, the fork parts have all been cleaned and fluxed up for brazing.Photo: 3:30, fork is brazed, still hot...Photo: 2nd morning, the lugs are all cut and prepped, and I've also slotted and ground the dropout end of the seat stays.  I'll fit them up to the seat lug once I've got the frame tacked.Photo: Curves and points on the Henry James down tube lug.Photo: Crisp edges on this Long Shen bottom bracket.Photo: I've ground the dropout tabs down close to their finished profile so I won't have to do as much grinding on the complete bike, and I've got the seat stay treatment done so that it wraps around the teardrop window in the tab.Photo: Seat lug with the center point cross hairs.Photo: Franklin, junior inspector and drill press supervisor!Photo: Box Cat.Photo: Dropped some hot silver flux on my pants, (double front Carhartt's), and when I noticed the heat through both layers, I tried to pick it off and burnt a nice chunk of my thumb as well!Photo: Burns aside, the frame is fully brazed and soaked, it'll need some machining, finishing and then just a couple final small braze on's.Photo: The finished frame and forkPhoto: The down tube lug, freshly finished, but I left the head tube unfaced in case I need to reflow the lug edges a bit after adding the cable stops.Photo: After I brazed on these bullet shaped cable stops, I machined off that protruting bit of head tube.Photo: Finished top tube lug with a 10mm extension.Photo: I modified the Henry James seat lug just a bit with the point the side of the seat tube, fastback seat stay attachment takes me back to my Serotta days.Photo: Classy arched brake bridge with a stainless washer.Photo: Ellis dropouts!