21 Photos - Sep 30, 2013
Photo: OK, a couple caveats, first the saddle is set so I could test ride it, Kevin will be running it about 2-3cm higher.  As for the front end, I set everything up with the stem maxed out, if Kevin chooses, he can run it a bit lower, although it is designed to be fairly upright.  Finally, the saddle and plastic platform pedals are just on there so I could test ride, Kevin will be running a Brooks saddle.Photo: I really like the way the black parts work on this bike, not traditional, but neither is Di2!  My favorite part of the test ride?  The whole bike is incredibly quiet.Photo: Custom Ellis front rack with internal headlight wiring.Photo: Raw tubes and bits.Photo: Everything's mitered and ready to tack.Photo: Super smooth fillet bottom bracket.Photo: Other side!Photo: Pretty fillets hugging the chainstays.Photo: Up top!Photo: Fastback seat stay attachment and a washer to reinforce the slot.Photo: Another shot of that fillet seat cluster with fastback stays and internal cable routing.Photo: Setting up the bike so I can get the front rack built nice and level.Photo: Finished frame, fork and custom front rack.Photo: A better shot of the rack, ready for chroming.Photo: Top tube fillet.Photo: Down tube fillet and Di2 wiring port.Photo: Fillet brazed fastback seat cluster.Photo: Tidy curved seat stay bridge with Paul's Racer brake mounts and my custom fab'ed brake cable stop.Photo: Fillet bottom bracket, curved chainstay bridge and the Di2 port for the front derailleur.Photo: Ellis dropouts with double eyelets.Photo: It's hard to capture this beautiful dark metallic red, but suffice to say it was stunning.