17 Photos - Jul 29, 2013
Photo: Jason designed a really cool custom graphic for Rudy's Strada Inox.Photo: The chainstays are already built and pre-polished along with the top, down tube and seat stays.Photo: Fixture's setup and the top tube is mitered.Photo: The blades are raked, I've just cut a bit off the end of the blade on the left and getting ready to do the same for the other.  The tool on the far left is used to check both the rake of the blade and the length.Photo: Dry fitting everything up, checking the length.Photo: Fluxed up, ready to braze.Photo: The stainless top tube also gets stainless internal brake routing, here's the finished entry point.Photo: The lugs are all prepped, just one last dry fitup to check the lug angles and cut the seatstay slots.Photo: Lots of work represented in this pic, stainless internal brake routing, stainless couplers, a stainless seat lug and some carefully ovalized seat stays attached fastback style to the seat lug.Photo: Some super tight braze lines around this stainless brake bridge!Photo: I've ovalized the seat stays just a tad to make them fit better for this fastback style attachement.Photo: Stainless Ellis dropouts with a Di2 wire guide.Photo: Stainless chainstays and down tube meet at the steel bottom bracket.  The bottom bracket and seat tube will be painted while everything else here will be polished, including the teardrop Di2 wiring port.Photo: A stainless coupler brazed into the stainless down tube, gotta keep those braze lines tight!Photo: A nice side view of the stainless seat lug and seat stay attachment.Photo: My "Modern" style head lugs and a stainless Di2 wiring port on the down tube.Photo: Super smooth finishing on the internal socketed fork crown and a stainless washer for the brake contact point.