35 Photos - Jun 13, 2013
Photo: Matthew's Modern Classic, burgundy, gold and polished stainless!Photo: The chainstays are already built and polished along what will become the lower part of the sleeved seat stays.  Everything else is pretty raw at this point.Photo: It's starting to look like a frame...  Still need to miter the chainstays and start working on the sleeved seat stays, but that'll be next week!Photo: Lots of teardrops!Photo: Before and after on the front dropouts, they've gotta be finished super cleanly since everything pictured is stainless and will be highly polished.Photo: Dry fitting the stainless internal brake cable routing.Photo: Hard to get the focus just right on this, but this shows the inside view of the internal cable routing, it enters at about 7:00 near the head lug and exits about 11:00 by the seat lug.Photo: Plenty of black flux to braze these up.Photo: Hot and freshly brazed!Photo: After a quick bath...Photo: Finished and pretty!Photo: Is it just me of does this look like an angry bird?Photo: Ready to load into the fixture.Photo: Modern Classic sleeved seat stays.Photo: Many, many teardrops in these lugs!Photo: Everything is fluxed and it's ready to tack.Photo: Down tube lug, tacked on the points.Photo: Tacked bottom bracket.Photo: Finished bottom bracket!Photo: XL Modern Classic down tube lug.Photo: Top tube lug with teardrops a plenty!Photo: Some tight lug margins!Photo: Modern Classic seat lug with a teardrop on the top tube and seat tube points.Photo: Mitering and fitting up the seat stays.Photo: Starting to look like a bike, (a big bike at that)!Photo: Stainless bridges, waterbottle bosses and stars for 2 bikes.Photo: Teardrop Di2 port re-inforcements start out as stars.Photo: Waterbottle bosses.Photo: Gotta skip that second cup of coffee to braze these guys, they require a very steady hand and a precise amount of silver.Photo: No finishing, just a quick hit with a wire wheel on my die grinder.Photo: Finished seat lug with fastback stays and internal top tube cable routing.Photo: This stainless bridge is very cool looking but a pain to work with and miter.Photo: That's a tight miter and braze around the bridge.Photo: Stainless Ellis dropouts w/Di2 wiring guide.Photo: Finished frame and fork!