17 Photos - May 21, 2013
Photo: A gorgeous Burgundy with white panels and Casey's personal artwork on the seat tube.Photo: A somewhat more amateur photo out on my driveway.Photo: So many teardrops!Photo: I've got the stainless chainstays built and they are pre-polished along with the seat stays.  Just finished the stainless fork today.Photo: Tight finishing around the fork crown and pre-polished blades.Photo: Stainless dropouts are ready for a final polish.Photo: All the tubes are mitered, it's starting to look like a bike.Photo: The sleeved seat stays, freshly brazed and soaked.  They'll get finished nicely tomorrow morning.Photo: Cutting teardrops and sharpening up those points.Photo: One final dry fit of all the tubes and lugs to check everything.Photo: All the stainless bits are shiny, ready to head off for paint!Photo: Polished Modern Classic head lugs and a fully polished stainless fork.Photo: Another view of all those teardrops!Photo: A teardrop on the chainstay sockets and for the Di2 routing.Photo: Di2 wiring on the polished Ellis dropouts.Photo: Sleeved Modern Classic seat stays.Photo: More teardrops on the seat lug.