38 Photos - May 7, 2013
Photo: The finished frame in Platinum with black Ellis logos.Photo: Simple, elegant long point lugs with split cable stops on the head tube.Photo: Matching top tube lug, Steve's frame got a short (10mm) extension as well.  The Strada SLX comes with top tube split guides, but stainless internal brake routing is an option as well.Photo: Fastback seat lug, modified with a single bolt binder, the arched brake bridge also sports a stainless washer to minimize paint chipping.Photo: Another stainless washer on the sloping fork crown.Photo: An elegant cast bottom bracket with an integrated chainstay bridge holds everything together down below.Photo: Last but not least, my Ellis stainless dropouts in the back!Photo: The finished frame and fork.Photo: SLX tubeset, Ellis dropouts and Long Shen lugs, the makings of a classic!Photo: Slotting chainstays...Photo: After grinding the reveals.Photo: All fluxed up, ready to light the torch.Photo: I've finished brazing the dropout to the chainstay here...Photo: Now the stainless washers for the dropout faces.Photo: Finally a smaller washer for the derailleur hanger.Photo: After a nice soak in some hot soapy water, ready to finish.Photo: Don't need those eyelets and I've cut the washers for the dropout slot.Photo: Finished the eyelet tabs down and roughed in the point on the bottom of the dropout tab.Photo: Finished and pretty, now where's that non-driveside chainstay?  ;-)Photo: The seatlug is designed for a two-piece bolt that I really don't like, so I'm drilling it out for a 1 bolt binder.Photo: Now we're making some chips... and smoke!Photo: I've slid a pinch barrel into the lug and now it's fluxed up and ready to be brazed.Photo: Piping hot and fully brazed.Photo: I managed to get the tubeset mitered as well, here I've got everything dry fit, just need the seat lug.Photo: When I was brazing the rear dropouts this morning I also got the fork tips brazed up, the blades are ready to get cut to length and brazed into the crown.Photo: Fully fluxed up and ready to tack.Photo: Fork is ready to braze as well.Photo: Post braze, pre soak.Photo: Finished seat lug.Photo: Fork crown, after a nice warm bath, ready to finish.Photo: All the Strada SLX's will get my stainless Ellis dropouts.Photo: The seat lug works great attaching fastback style seat stays.Photo: Here's a better view of the single bolt binder that I braze into the seat lug.Photo: Super clean long point top tube lug with a 10mm extension for Steve's bike.Photo: Long point on the down tube too, and split guides for the head tube cable stops.Photo: A nice clean fork crown with a stainless washer where the brake will mount.  This crown is kinda similar to ones that I used at Serotta, curvy up front, and...Photo: Tapered to an edge in the back.Photo: Can't forget that svelte brake bridge with another stainless washer for the contact point.