24 Photos - Mar 19, 2013
Photo: The finished frame and fork in a gorgeous candy blue.Photo: Franklin, the new inspector, is keeping a close eye on this one!Photo: I got a bit of a start on Desmond's Strada Inox, the chainstays are brazed up and finished, they'll need to head out for pre-polish along with the seat stays and the top and down tubes.Photo: Finished Ellis dropouts and KVA stainless chainstays.Photo: Tight finishing!Photo: Other side...Photo: A stainless internal in a KVA stainless top tube.Photo: Seat lug and bottom bracket are prepped, just the head lugs remaining.Photo: Tubeset is mitered, lugs are prepped, ready for one final fitup in the fixture.  The masking tape is to protect the pre-polished top and down tubes when I clamp them for mitering.Photo: The insides of the chainstays are nice and shiny from pre-polish as well, a lot easier to do this now than once the bike is built.Photo: Final dry fitting to check all the lugs and slot the seat stays.Photo: A nice contrast of the crisply finished top tube internal with the freshly brazed seat stays.Photo: Finished seat lug and stays.Photo: Stainless stays and lug with tidy fillets.Photo: Stainless down tube and chain stays meeting the steel bottom bracket and seat tube.Photo: Finished stainless Ellis dropouts and KVA stays.Photo: Lots of detail even on the inside face of the dropouts.Photo: These cast stainless bridges are a PITA to miter, but they do look pretty sweet once they're brazed in neatly.Photo: Top tube internal, everything shown is polished stainless.Photo: Another shot of those tidy seat stay fillets.Photo: Finished stainless head lugs.Photo: Tight braze lines.Photo: Smooth internal fork crown with a stainless washer to prevent paint chipping around the front brake.Photo: Finished frame and fork!