14 Photos - Mar 19, 2013
Photo: Jim's finished frame, an orange "Domestique" paint job.Photo: I'd gotten a start on Jim's bike when I realized that I hadn't done my standard raw materials shot!Photo: The dropouts are brazed up to the chainstays and finished.Photo: Franklin, the new inspector is keeping an eye on things!Photo: Hey, did you rake these blades right?Photo: Always vigilant!Photo: The complete tubeset, dry fitted one last time in the fixture.Photo: The finished frame and fork.Photo: Simple, classic down tube lug and head tube cable stops.Photo: Seat lug with fastback stay attachment and a custom fabricated brake cable stop.Photo: Double eyeleted Ellis dropouts.Photo: The tapered seat and down tubes plug into an XL bottom bracket, should keep things nice and stable down here!Photo: Top tube lug with a 22mm extension.Photo: My sneaky fender mount brazed under the fork crown.