24 Photos - Jan 23, 2013
Photo: Complete build with Ultegra Di2.Photo: Fastback seat lug and internal brake cable routing.Photo: Internal Di2 wire routing and some tight masking on that white head tube!Photo: Champagne with a white head tube and black decals!Photo: A nice rear view of the fastback stays.Photo: Bottom bracket with webbed chainstay bridge and Di2 battery mount.Photo: The finished frame and fork, ready for paint.Photo: NOS Columbus SLX tubeset.Photo: Columbus SLX, the real deal!Photo: A very nice Long Shen lugset modeled off a classic Cinelli design.Photo: Mitering and fitting everything up on the fixture.Photo: More SLX goodness!Photo: Finished top tube lug and my internal brake cable routing.Photo: Classic lines.Photo: The bottom bracket and my Di2 wiring exit point.Photo: Sexy, smooth internal fork crown,Photo: The tailing edge of the crown.Photo: Serotta-esque fork tip treatment, I just bevel the end and then suck the brass up inside the blade a bit.Photo: Simple Ritchey vertical dropouts with a Di2 wiring guide and the exit point on the chainstay.Photo: Fastback seat stay attactment and I've drilled the binder out and brazed in a single bolt binder instead of the stock setup which requires a two piece bolt.Photo: Teardrop vent hole in the bottom bracket drains any water and allows for the Di2 battery wires to enter the down tube.Photo: Lightweight bridge is hollowed out underneath.Photo: Di2 wiring point on the down tube.Photo: