36 Photos - Jan 5, 2013
Photo: The finished bike, Di2, disc brakes, Schwalbe Furious Fred 29 x 2.0 tires.Photo: From this side, you can spot the rear brake cable and Di2 wiring heading into the downtube.Photo: Strada Fango, (Road Mud)Photo: Smooth fillet brazed seat cluster.Photo: The internal Di2 wiring exits just below the front derailleur.  Because I bent the drive side chainstay, I can run this 44 x 30T XTR crank without the front derailleur's cage hitting the chainstay.  You can also spot the K-Edge modified rear Di2 derailleur, the long cage will allow me to run a 36T max rear cog, although it's set up with a 34T for now.Photo: Nice gentle rake on the fork along with the disk tab.  Also added some lowrider mounts for the occasional overnight jaunt.Photo: Once again, Jason's paint steals the show!Photo: Finished frame and fork, ready for paint.Photo: Lots going on with this rear end.  The stays are MTB "S" curved to begin with, and then I bent the driveside chainstay to allow for extra front derailleur cage clearance up front with disk brake mounts on the other side.  Bumps for tire and crank clearance as well.Photo: I cut the tab of the driveside Paragon dropout back so I could make the curve of the chainstay blend into the dropout.Photo: A fairly nice transistion from dropout to chainstay.Photo: Tricky Di2 wire routing on the inside of the driveside dropout chainstay connection.Photo: The wire will exit to the inside and then loop out through the large window of the Paragon dropout.  I'll probably add a loop to make sure it stays out of the way of the dropouts.Photo: The main tubes and chainstays are mitered.  I still need to prep the bottom bracket shell, braze the internal rear brake cabling into the down tube and drill gas holes before it's ready to tack up.Photo: I had to build a new bending ramp so I could do this gentler bend for disk brakes.Photo: Disk brake tab, fillet brazed and finished.  I also added eyelets and a lowrider mount just in case I want to take a tour on this one!Photo: Pacenti MTB fork crown with my hidden fender mount brazed underneath.Photo: Sneaky internal brake routing in the down tube.Photo: Here's where the brake cable exits the down tube and heads down the chain stay toward the disc caliper.Photo: Everything is fluxed up and ready to tack.Photo: I brazed up the bottom bracket first, soaked it and then machined it so I could double check the frame alignment before I braze the fillets.  It also allowed me to mock up the crank, rear wheel and front derailleur.Photo: That gap between the chainstay and the bottom of the front derailleur cage is the reason why I curved the drive side chainstay.  This crank has a 46T outer ring, but with this clearance I can even run my XTR crank with a 44 or 42T outer, pretty cool.Photo: Smooth top tube and seat stay fillets.Photo: Tricky finishing in between those seat stays.Photo: Curved seat stay bridge with fender boss and rack mounts on the outside of the seat stays.Photo: Mitering this chainstay bridge with the assymetrical chainstays was interesing.Photo: Fillet brazed seat cluster.Photo: Here's where both the brake cable and Di2 wires enter the down tube.Photo: Lugged bottom bracket allows for much easier routing of the Di2 wires, the front derailleur wire will exit from the reinforced hole in the seat tube.Photo: Bottom bracket from the non-drive side, you can see the exit point for the brake cable and where it'll route along the chainstay.  I also like the cool curved chainstay bridge!Photo: First ride, March 2012.Photo: 2/3 of the way through Almanzo 2013 at Forestville State Park.  The fat tires were a little overkill on for the first half of the course, but once we hit the fresh gravel they really proved their worth.Photo: Loaded up for an overnight trip.Photo: Overnight tour to Kolher Andrea SP this past summer with Deborah.Photo: A little fatter tire up front and it handles the trails at Kettle Moraine just fine.Photo: Swap out the knobbies for some 32c tires and it's ready for the road, nothing dangerous about that.