37 Photos - Nov 28, 2012
Photo: This bike means business!Photo: Ready to explore, from road to trail, from day into night, and with the wide range gearing, bring on those hills!Photo: Stainless couplers blend seamlessly into the stainless KVA top tube.Photo: Lots going on here, generator light wiring going from inside the fork blade to the rack, stainless fork crown and head lugs, and a custom front rack as well.  These 40c semi knobby tires should help Dave explore just about anywhere he wants to go!Photo: Etched Ellis logo on the down tube.Photo: Mechanical shifting now, but this bike has ports for future Di2 routing if Dave wants to switch.Photo: High polish Paul's Racer brakes make a nice compliment to the stainless tubes.Photo: As always, my Ellis dropouts hold everything together out back.Photo: Ready for NAHBS.Photo: Finished frame and fork.Photo: Raw materials, stainless KVA stays, top and down tubes, a tapered Dedacciai seat tube and fork blades.Photo: Finished chainstays ready for a pre-polish, the reveal on the driveside dropout is open to allow Di2 wiring, but I've also added a cable stop for mechanical shifting.  The odd front dropout is for a Schmidt SonDelux dyno hub contact, the wiring will go inside the fork blade to the front rack.Photo: Freshly brazed fork.Photo: Fork is cleaned up, I'll have the crown polished and then braze the studs on for Paul's Racer brakes.  It's just easier to polish without the studs in the way.Photo: Here you can spot the exit point for the internal dyno wiring in the fork tang, also the stainless fender attachment point under the fork crown.Photo: SonDelux integrated dropout.Photo: Once the bike is finished, I'll press this contact in along with it's rubber insulator and the wiring will route inside the fork blade to the exit hole in the fork tang.Photo: Main tubes are mitered!  The top and down tube have been pre-polished so I'm using some blue masking tape to keep from scuffing those areas up.Photo: The fork crown is also pre-polished so I needed to be very careful when brazing and finishing the brake bosses.Photo: Shaping the curve of the lug with a file.Photo: After sanding and deburring the edge, a very pleasing curve!Photo: Bottom bracket, after some quality time with files and emery.  The down tube and chainstays are stainless, so they are finished with 320 grit to avoid leaving deep scratches in the polish.Photo: Tight lug lines.Photo: Finished stainless seat lug with stainless top tube.Photo: Nice even lug lines!Photo: Tight!Photo: No muss.Photo: Finished seat lug, polished up to 240 grit!Photo: Fastback attachment of the stainless stays and seat lug, plus my custom fab'ed brake cable stop.Photo: Sexy curved stainless seat stay bridge.Photo: Double eyeleted Ellis dropouts, if you look closely you'll see that the drive side reveal is open to allow Di2 wiring if Dave ever wants to change over to electronic shifting.Photo: Lots of details work on the inside of the dropouts too!Photo: Lots of time in that connection...Photo: The stainless down tube and head lugs, ready for polish.  I added the somewhat hidden Di2 port here too should Dave ever want to make the switch.Photo: Stainless top tube, cable guide and head lug.Photo: I left the ugly coupler bits on while I finished the bike, I didn't want to switch everything out just for the photos, but it'll have nice polished couplers when it's done!Photo: Front derailleur braze on, curved chainstay bridge and lots of stainless tubes plugging into this bottom bracket.