17 Photos - Aug 21, 2012
Photo: Jason and Chap collaborated on this asymmetrical box panel paint scheme, very cool.Photo: The non-driveside loses the down tube logo, but the overall effect of the offset boxes turned out quite nicely, and this blue is just stunning in person!Photo: Raw materials.Photo: Main tubes are mitered.Photo: Chainstays are slotted, the dropouts fitted up and the ends of the stay are ground to fit perfectly around the teardrops.  The stainless washers will be brazed onto all the contact faces of the dropouts.Photo: Lugs are carved in my "Modern" style, and the seat lug has had it's cast in binder removed and a simpler barrel style binder brazed on.Photo: The fork is brazed up at this point, but not finished, and the rest of the lugs and tubes are mitered, carved and ready for tacking.Photo: Fluxed and ready to tack.Photo: Yeah, I skipped a few steps, but here's the finished frame and fork.Photo: Here's the nifty direct fender mount under the fork crown, so Chap won't have to mess with his brakes in order to take his fenders on and off.Photo: Another view of that smooth fork crown and fender mount.  I've brazed a stainless washer on where the brake will mount, so there will be no chipped paint, and the fender mount is also a stainless boss that will be masked.Photo: Fastback seat stays, long point seat lug and internal brake cable routing.Photo: Super clean long point down tube lug with head tube mounted cable stop.Photo: Long points up top too, also a short (10mm) extension and a ball bearing pump peg a la Serotta.Photo: The brake bridge also features stainless washers for both the brake and fender mounting points.Photo: Some sexy curves on the back of that seat cluster!Photo: As always, Ellis dropouts, this time with a single eyelet for fenders.