22 Photos - Mar 9, 2012
Photo: The finished frame with a classic red and silver paint scheme.Photo: Check out the Di2 wiring entry point on the polished down tube.Photo: Another Di2 wiring exit hole on the seat tube.  Jason's super clean masking is very much in evidence here!Photo: KVA top tube, down tube and seat stays, 953 chain stays, Columbus Life seat tube, SL fork blades and True Temper head tube and steerer.Photo: Fork blades are raked and dropouts fitted up, the chain stays are slotted and dry fit.  These 953 stays have quite a large minor end, but I'll leave the reveal open for Di2 wiring.Photo: Tubeset is mitered and dryfit on the fixture.Photo: Super tight fitup on this stainless internal cable routing.  Since the top tube will be polished, I don't want to have big blobs of silver filling in gaps here.Photo: Finished.  I left the scallop a bit proud of the tube so the silver doesn't get polished out and leave a low spot around the internal.Photo: The other end, same tight fitup.Photo: Finished.Photo: Finished dropout with open reveal for Di2 wiring.Photo: I've got the lugs all cleaned up and now just one more time in the fixture to check the lug fit.Photo: Smooth internal fork crown is ready to go.Photo: Stainless dropouts blending smoothly into the blades.Photo: The lugs, top tube, down tube and stays have been prepolished, now I'm loading the main diamond in the fixture  in preparation for brazing in the chainstays.Photo: Pre-polished head lugs and a Di2 wiring port on the down tube.  I'll need to open that hole up later to fit a Di2 grommet.Photo: Waterbottle bosses with stainless star reinforcements.Photo: The rear end parts, pre-polished and ready to be brazed up.Photo: The finished frame and fork.Photo: "Modern" style head lugs and a smooth internal fork crown.  You can see that I've opened up the wiring port on the down tube to fit a Di2 grommet.Photo: A stainless seat lug with fastback stainless seat stays.  Tight miters there!  If you peek over the top tube, you can see the internal cable routing as well.Photo: Ellis rear dropouts, open reveal in the chainstay for wiring, and a loop to keep the Di2 wiring out of the way of the quick release.