15 Photos - Dec 28, 2011
Photo: Dave's finished frame and fork, I really love this super clean and simple paint scheme like the original Di2 bike I built back in 2009.Photo: Raw materials.Photo: Here's how I make the teardrop cutout in the bottom bracket.  On Di2 bikes, this does double duty as a vent hole and allows the Di2 wire from the battery a way to enter the down tube.Photo: After I've drilled the holes all the way around, I use my die grinder with a small burr to grind away the little bit of metal that remains between the holes.Photo: Then I rough in the shape some more with other burrs.Photo: Some final work with the emery cloth and it's all ready.Photo: I've got all the tubes mitered, the lugs cut and prepped, I set up the whole bike in the fixture to check all the joints one last time before I clean the tubes and I flux things up for tacking.Photo: Clean and ready to braze.Photo: The lugset, heavily modified from their original shape.Photo: The fork, fluxed up and ready to braze.Photo: Well, I skipped photoing a couple steps, but here's the finished frame and fork.Photo: Super smooth internal fork crown along with the down tube lug and Di2 wiring entry point.Photo: Swoopy little seat lug with fastback seat stay attachment.Photo: Top tube lug.Photo: Big bottom bracket for the XL tubes, and the wiring exit for the Di2 front derailleur.