20 Photos - Nov 3, 2011
Photo: One of my favorite details, the cutout on the polished stainless crown mirrors the lower head lug.Photo: The finished frame and fork, a beautifully subtle shade of green with gray and charcoal logos.Photo: Polished stainless headlugs and fork crown.Photo: I'm using a set of Llewellyn slant six stainless lugs and a stainless fork crown that will be cut to mimic the head lugs.Photo: Tubeset mitered and dry fit to check lug fitup.Photo: Custom top tube lug.Photo: Down tube lug, gotta tweak that point a bit before I flux everything up and get ready to braze.Photo: Tubes and lugs, cleaned and ready to fixture and tack.Photo: Customized lugset.Photo: Ellis dropoutsPhoto: Fresh out of the fixture, the frame is fluxed and ready for the final braze.Photo: Finished frame and forkPhoto: New cast bridge, it's almost completely hollow underneath, and I add a stainless washer for the brake mount.Photo: Finished bottom bracket.Photo: Ellis dropouts.Photo: Llewellyn Slant Six seat lug with fastback stay attachment.Photo: Slant Six head lugs with my "Classic" treatment.Photo: I carve the Long Shen fork crown to mimic the lower head lug.  The head lugs and fork crown will be polished and masked on this frame.Photo: Top tube lug.Photo: Some sexy curves on that seat lug!