46 Photos - Oct 10, 2011
Photo: Complete bike with Campy Super Record 11.  Thanks to Pete from COG magazine for the great photo!Photo: Ritchey stem, painted to match the frame, with pinstripes to match the ones on the seat tube.Photo: Stainless head lug, cut in my "Modern Classic" style.Photo: Stainless down tube lug and chrome fork.Photo: Modern Classic fastback lug.Photo: This lug normally uses a two piece bolt, but I milled it out and brazed in a one piece binder, much cleaner, imo.Photo: Polished stainless Ellis dropouts with internal chain stay routed derailleur cable.Photo: Super Record Ti crankset, and if you look close, you can see the gold teardrops cut in the bottom bracket's chainstay sockets.Photo: The down tube logos, fine gold outlines only.Photo: Gold head tube logo.Photo: The pinstripes on the stem wrap completely around the back of the stem.  These are not a decal, all three colors are painted on!Photo: A cool shot where you can see all three teardrops cut in the top head lug.Photo: Mark wanted Jason to get some credit for his fine work!Photo: Stainless chain stays and bridge.  Pretty tight masking from stainless to paint too!Photo: Internal top tube cable routing.Photo: Seat tube pinstripes.Photo: The builder, the bike.Photo: The frame, fork and stem only, we were originally going to go with the silver headset, but eventually switched to a black King headset to match the black Super Record kit.Photo: A better shot of the pinstriping on the stem, and the polished stainless head lugs.Photo: Stainless chainstay with internal derailleur cable routing.Photo: The entry point for the internal cable routing, it's about 2" behind the bottom bracket.Photo: Ready to head out for pre-polish.  The dent in the drive side chainstay is for chainring clearance.Photo: Fork, fluxed up and ready to braze!Photo: I was building another set of stainless chainstays for the bike ahead of Mark's, so I decided to do both sets together.  Mark's are the ones on the right with no eyelets, they're just back from the polisher.Photo: I got a bit ahead on the chainstays and fork, but here's the rest of the raw materials.Photo: The top tube and internal cable guide, ready to be brazed in.Photo: Dry fit.Photo: Fluxed.Photo: Post braze.Photo: After a quick soak to get the flux off.Photo: Finished!Photo: Sleeved "Modern Classic" seat stays, prepped and ready to braze.Photo: Fluxed.Photo: Brazed.Photo: Finished.Photo: A better angle on that finished stay.Photo: Modern Classic lugset.Photo: Tubes, lugs, ready for the fixture.Photo: The finished framePhoto: Modern Classic sleeved seatstays and polished stainless brake bridge.Photo: Polished chainstays and bridge.  Even the bottom bracket gets small teardrop cutouts on the chainstay sockets.Photo: Modern Classic seat lug.Photo: Star shaped waterbottle reinforcements add a touch of class.Photo: Polished Modern Classic head lug.  I braze on the cable stops after polishing, so when I soak them, I end up with some very thin rust around the lugs.Photo: Top tube lug.Photo: Polished Ellis dropouts and internal derailleur routing.