31 Photos - Nov 16, 2013
Photo: Power switches that connect between the PSUsPhoto: Transformers. They have 4, installed one for IceDrill, 3 currently in use.Photo: 3 Rows of UPSPhoto: Inside one of the UPS units. Batteries. Everywhere.Photo: One of 2 Diesel Backup Generators - tank lasts 24 hours. Regular tests ensure these are in good working order, even though neither has been needed for the past 2 years.Photo: Security to the IceDrill Cage: Card (right) and fingerprint (left) required for entry.Photo: CRAC unit. Currently only ~15% capacity in use. Maintaining ~20C, can increase or decrease as required.Photo: Our racks and PDUs. Awaiting final dimensions from HF before setting up. Installation will take 48h. Currently on standby.Photo: Inside the Black IceDrill cage.Photo: Inside the IceDrill cage. Cold aisle on the right, hot aisle on the left.Photo: Power outlets above rack space. 2 will be used per rack.Photo: Enough power and space for 20 racks.Photo: One of 2 IceDrill power control panels.Photo: The other power control panel.Photo: Assembly unitsPhoto: Storage.Photo: Liquid cooled hosting servers (not ours).

EDIT: Reflection of our accounts manager's face redacted.Photo: Pretty colors - other people's stuff.Photo: Liquid cooled hosting servers (not ours).Photo: Tower hosting also available.Photo: Extra expansion space. Currently used for storage.Photo: Watercooler water pump - 3 of these on site, 1 in reserve.Photo: Pipes from the cooling pump.Photo: Not really sure what this is.Some kind of cooling unit?Photo: Thermostats where required.Photo: UPS units.Photo: More UPS units. Required to service 100% uptime SLA.Photo: Outside, next to the building: piping room - connecting to one of 4 cooling towersPhoto: Cooling Tower management rooms.Photo: Cooling towersPhoto: "Battery" of 6 cooling towers. In total there are 4 of these.