25 Photos - Sep 27, 2012
Photo: @AskElf Makeup  - The place to go for inexpensive everyday cosmetics.Photo: To prepare for my 20th high school reunion in a couple of weeks, I decided to get new makeup!Photo: I was thrilled to find out elf carries a mineral line.Photo: I wanted to focus on eyes so I spend a lot of time here.Photo: Since my most challenging feature is my eyebrows, I also spent a lot of time here. Elf's online store is full of great information.Photo: This information explains elf's mineral  line. I'm pleased that it's paraben, preservative, and chemical dye free.Photo: The reviews on elf's website are very helpful! And I read a lot of them.Photo: Some of the mineral makeup I ordered.Photo: Elf's mineral eyeshadow kits.Photo: The inside of one of the kits.Photo: More Elf mineral makeup - they have a big selection.Photo: I love the instructions on their packages. It's all very helpful.Photo: Elf's Professional Complete Set of 12 Brushes was free with my purchase!Photo: My Elf makeup haul!Photo: More of my mineral makeups.Photo: I love the pretty eye shadows I got.Photo: Part of my makeup haul.Photo: My new favorite eye products!Photo: Love Elf's mineral lipstick.Photo: Elf's Rosy Raisin & Bare Brown lipsticks.Photo: Working hard on makeup.Photo: Me learning to apply my new elf everyday cosmetics.Photo: Tada! My new look thanks to elf cosmetics.Photo: My makeup tutor, Melanie.Photo: