25 Photos - Jul 6, 2012
Photo: Ugh. 99 degrees at 7 pm. Need to cool off!Photo: Heading to Walmart to find TCBY FroYoPhoto: Stopped to donate to the Shriners - a very worthy cause.Photo: Found the TCBY Stash!Photo: Can't wait to eat this again. It's been a while. But, we'll wait to add this to our cart so it doesn't melt.Photo: Checked out the chocolate syrups.Photo: These look pretty good.Photo: Checked out sunscreens - very important for my red-heads!Photo: And nailpolish...Photo: Picked out a couple!Photo: I love summer fruit! So I think we'll stick to it for our fro yo toppings.Photo: And my kids love grapes.Photo: Back for the Classic Vanilla Bean Frozen Yogurt.Photo: Got it!!. Put it in my reusable bag - then ran to the van to get it in the cooler!Photo: Can't wait to dig in!Photo: Berries go so nicely with Vanilla Frozen Yogurt.Photo: We all love berries.Photo: Isn't this pretty?Photo: 3 pints of berries and yogurt.Photo: So DELISH!Photo: Sparklers in FroYo? hmmm...Photo: Sparklers are always a hit.Photo: YUM! Almost gone. That didn't take long.Photo: A fun collage of our trip!Photo: