10 Photos - May 3, 2012
Photo: Photo: This is called Burek its a serbian pie here is the link on how to make it http://www.wikihow.com/Make-BurekPhoto: This is called "PROJA" traditional serbian food here is the link http://easteuropeanfood.about.com/od/croatianserbbreads/r/proja.htm . But if ur in a hurry there is a 10-15 min version right here http://www.becook.com/en/recipe/cornbread-with-yogurt.htmPhoto: Random choclate cake and here is the link its youtube so it shuld be easy for u to folow HOW TO MAKE CHOCOLATE CAKEPhoto: Photo: This is called the Vienna schnitzel it taste much better then it looks :) thats my opinion but here is the link on how to make it http://www.becook.com/en/recipe/vienna-schnitzel.htmPhoto: This is a traditional Hungarian meal called beef gulash here is the link on how to make it its dealicius -> http://www.becook.com/en/recipe/beef-gulash.htmPhoto: This is Italian meal called Fettuccini Alfredo here is the link ->http://www.becook.com/en/recipe/fettuccini-alfredo.htmPhoto: This is a national grece salad called " Greek Salad " -->http://www.becook.com/en/recipe/greek-salad.htmPhoto: