30 Photos - Mar 18, 2012
Photo: Headed to BI-LO with my wife, Coupon Teacher. We are out for an adventure! Thanks to #NoFeeCoinstar and #CBias!Photo: We gathered some change for a Coinstar challengePhoto: The store was almost new and really nice.  I decided I wanted to buy myself some treats on this mission.Photo: My wife was excited about double coupons, of course.Photo: We can't make it into a store without a sale ad. Coupon Teacher's rules.Photo: We were excited to try out the Coinstar machine with no fees.Photo: We split the money in 2 portions and my wife went first.Photo: Then it was my turn!Photo: English, please.Photo: I am going for a gift card with no fee.Photo: I ended up choosing the BI-LO card so I could buy some treats.Photo: Sounds good to me.Photo: I didn't know the Coinstar machine would take bills.Photo: Here it goes.Photo: My wife is always trying to help, but I think I can handle this.Photo: One last coin.Photo: I had $20.12 to spend on whatever I wanted.Photo: No email for you.Photo: There is my card.Photo: And my receipt.Photo: Time to shop!Photo: What else is going to go into this cart?Photo: The grapes were on sale, so my wife should be happy!Photo: I think I want to try some Coconut water, and why not?  It is just my spare change!Photo: This barbeque sauce has a great name.  Famous Dave's...Photo: There are a couple of "healthy" items in there, I promise.Photo: Time to pay.Photo: Whoops.  I didn't count as closely as I should have.  I went over by just a little!Photo: This shopping trip was fun, and I am looking forward to my treats!Photo: Time to head home. I have been paid (at Coinstar’s request) to try and blog about Coinstar’s products/services as part of a Collective Bias shopper insights study. All opinions are my own.