19 Photos - Aug 24, 2012
Photo: This year we brought two robots to the Canadian Space Agency's Mars Emulation Terrain in Montreal, each being used for different tests.Photo: We used a rental truck as our portable command and control shelter (PCCS) while at the CSA.Photo: Rover with view of entire Mars Emulation Terrain.Photo: The inside of the truck was our portable office.Photo: Rover on a long teach and repeat route.Photo: A view of our portable command and control shelter.Photo: Field scientists checking the output of the instruments before sending the data to the backroom for processing.Photo: Rover pointing spectrometer at retroreflective sign.Photo: Rover with crazy clouds above.Photo: Rover exploring the Mars Emulation Terrain looking for a methane source.Photo: Rover with passive spectrometer waiting for clouds to pass.Photo: Pointing passive spectrometer at the sun.Photo: Rover exploring into a mock lavatube.Photo: Rover tracks showing difficulty tracking path in changed lighting conditions.Photo: Rover coming out of lava tube.Photo: Rover with CSA in background.Photo: Rover near the balance point on a tough crosshill drive.Photo: Rover repeating route in sunset conditions.Photo: Rover driving into sunset.