22 Photos - Jun 2, 2011
Photo: Lookout!Photo: Ground control teamPhoto: ROC6 finds its way to Arther outcropPhoto: Rain gear!Photo: EdgeyPhoto: Delay due to rain during 24 h Autonosys testPhoto: Autonosys teach and repeat!Photo: Relaxing in the shadePhoto: Rocky roadPhoto: Valley of the SURFPhoto: "Hang"ing outPhoto: Configuration for Scenario 1APhoto: Thanks to the Ethiers for use of their pit!Photo: Stuck!Photo: Bird's eye view of Arther outcropPhoto: Dry run tests at UTIASPhoto: Scenario 1A configurationPhoto: Mock up of rover control stationPhoto: Learning about the rover control stationPhoto: Some participants in the dry runsPhoto: Gear in the truckPhoto: Ground control