11 Photos - Jul 29, 2014
Photo: Newt!  Love these little guys..  all the lizards we get around Phoenix are bland and beige...Photo: Some more weird stuff that the kids were fascinated with because we don't see it around Phoenix..Photo: One of many bears who were seen wandering around my parents' house.Photo: Photo: My mom, me, cousin Sharon, Sharon's Daughter Cortney, Genevieve, and EthanPhoto: Hiked around my parents 8 acres and checked out the outrageous new power lines that were installed over one side of their property..  Nothing like the minor lines that ran through there when I was growing up.Photo: Massive Orb Weaver that kept skeeving everyone out..  until my brother took a makeshift blow torch to it. :/Photo: Genevieve and my brother sharing desert. :)Photo: Another bear wandering around..  ironically, they only appeared when Jim was there and I was out somewhere.  I never got to see them myself!Photo: Photo: