93 Photos - Jul 19, 2014
Photo: Parked at a marina by the Intrepid, and off on our NYC adventure...Photo: Approaching the USS IntrepidPhoto: IntrepidPhoto: Photo: Growler SubmarinePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Tiny doors we had to climb throughPhoto: Doors were very thickPhoto: Gen and Ethan in the bunksPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Torpedo periscopePhoto: Torpedo periscopePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: TorpedoPhoto: First submarine to carry a cruise missilePhoto: Climbing off the subPhoto: ConcordePhoto: Concorde enginePhoto: Photo: Blackbird SR-71...  The only thing my father truly came to see. ;)Photo: Photo: Photo: Quiet moment, just Ethan and GrandpaPhoto: Photo: Gen and JimPhoto: Ethan and Jim...  and Gen playing in a puddlePhoto: Photo: Photo: Gen and Ethan on the deckPhoto: Ethan, checking out the planes on the deckPhoto: On the deck, looking up to the control towerPhoto: Up the control tower, looking down on the deckPhoto: The kids loved this part..Photo: Gen turning the rudder of the IntrepidPhoto: Ethan turning the rudder of the IntrepidPhoto: GunsPhoto: Lego rendition of the shipPhoto: Anchor and rope 'stuff' - it was pretty impressive how big the ropes and chains were...Photo: In the distance you can see the yellow buoys..  they were surrounding an example of, if I recall correctly, the Gemini III capsule.  The Intrepid participated in the Aurora 7 and Gemini III recoveries, leading later to Apollo 11 and our landing on the moon.Photo: Ethan, and big gunsPhoto: Ethan turning the flak gunPhoto: Gen turning the flak gunPhoto: Ethan on the deck gunPhoto: Ethan, Gen, and JimPhoto: Gen's turn on the deck gunPhoto: My father and Jim checking out the propsPhoto: Ethan, saluting in the museum area inside the shipPhoto: Grandpa and Gen, watching a movie in the museum area of the Intrepid, showing historical footage and info on the Intrepid in actionPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Gen and Ethan in the capsulePhoto: Crying at the subway station - just as it should be.Photo: Ethan, Jim, and Gen - kids' first subway ridePhoto: My father, my son, and my husband.Photo: My father, Gen, and Jim at a pizza place in NYCPhoto: My mother and Ethan at the pizza place in NYCPhoto: Approaching the World Trade Center area, the freedom tower in centerPhoto: The tower, in all its gloryPhoto: One of two foot prints of the original towers.  Such a somber, emotional place.  They really made it a fitting tribute and there were SO many people visiting the site.Photo: Photo: Looking straight up the freedom towerPhoto: Photo: Gen and Jim, looking over the waterfallsPhoto: Ethan and Gen at the 9/11 Memorial.  I cherish this picture more than they'll ever understand.Photo: Photo: We sat and hung out at the memorial for a while and Gen did her usual thing... pose.Photo: Ethan, Jim, and GenPhoto: Gen had to potty so we wandered into a little area by the water..  it had a food court, so we stopped for some Sprinkles Cupcakes, which I'm familiar with after working in Scottsdale, AZ for several years.Photo: We hung out by the water and watched the ferries, oogled the massive yachts in the marina, took pics of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, and watched the joggers and bicyclists go by while we killed time and waited out rush hour. :)Photo: Lady LibertyPhoto: Ellis IslandPhoto: Some crazy ship I found fascinatingPhoto: Cool shot at the base of the freedom tower, on our way back to the subwayPhoto: Ethan and a NYC cabPhoto: DUDE...  This made Jim and I laugh.Photo: Beautiful sunset over the HudsonPhoto: Gen and Ethan, on the Hudson, before we left NYC