82 Photos - Jul 11, 2014
Photo: First night at the cottage, after the rain stopped.Photo: Photo: Jumping in on day 2Photo: Jim helped the kids do a lot of fishing...Photo: I think the first of many sunnies Gen caught.Photo: FIRST FISH!Photo: Uncle Sean, Gen, and EthanPhoto: Jim helped my dad get the boat runningPhoto: Test runs, after the boat sat a while.Photo: Grandpa put the boat in the lakePhoto: Jim and Ethan coming in from a paddle boat ride.Photo: Playing on the porch of the cottage...Photo: Gen, laying on the rug in the cottage living room...Photo: Photo: Helping Uncle Sean start a firePhoto: Bon fire on July 4th.Photo: Bon fire while we waited for fireworksPhoto: Photo: Gen and NoraPhoto: Jim and Chuck helped the kids fish..Photo: Photo: NoraPhoto: Jim, Cheri Swetter, Chuck, etc.Photo: Gen and Nora pretended to chop down all the trees on the shore.Photo: Claire hung through the party like a champ.  So sweet.Photo: NJ friends, PA friends and cottage neighbors..  It was pretty awesome how many people showed up for our centennial.Photo: My dad took Chuck over to his mom's cabin to grab some stuff, and took a detour trip around the lake. :)Photo: So sweetPhoto: Cake for the centennial party...  100 YEARS!Photo: Dad and Sean, as the cake was cut and passed out...Photo: Photo: Gen & Nora, 5, Shane & Hunter (twins) 7..  they were so fun to watch together.Photo: Jim and Ethan hitting the fishing againPhoto: Photo: Gen, Shane, & Hunter later in the evening.Photo: Ethan, Gen, Shane, and Jim, as Jim started the bon fire.Photo: NJ neighbor, Andy, and his boys..Photo: The group hanging later in the evening..  Russ and Cheri, Mom & Dad, and Karen..  and Shane..Photo: Russ, Jim, Ethan, Shane, Hunter, GenPhoto: Andy caught a crappy.  The kids were fascinated.Photo: Photo: My little Genny, soaking in the fun.Photo: The cottage, at night..Photo: Sparklers!Photo: Photo: FireworksPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Roman Candles shooting off the shorePhoto: Photo: The morning after the party, the kids were back to fishing :)Photo: The morning crew - Dad, Ethan, Jim, Ed, KarenPhoto: Jim and Andy, helping the kids fishPhoto: My little Genevieve didn't shy away from playing with wormsPhoto: Ethan, waiting to spot me TUBING!Photo: Dad and Ethan getting ready to take me tubing..Photo: Ready to roll!Photo: Chuck Walter, Heather Walter, Lilly, and GenPhoto: Ethan, playing in the water :)Photo: Heather, Lilly, GenPhoto: Sean and Jim, relaxing on the beach..Photo: Photo: Heather, Lilly, EthanPhoto: I don't know who took this pic, but the clouds were pretty awesome on a beautiful day at the lake.Photo: Heather, Lilly, GenPhoto: Jim and Gen, fishing again on our last afternoon..Photo: Photo: Jim helping Ethan fish on our last evening..Photo: Dad joined them fishing..Photo: Gen in her bathing suit and skinny jeans.Photo: Genevieve, on a beautiful cottage beach sunset.Photo: Jim, relaxing again on shore..Photo: Beautiful sunset..Photo: The cottage on our last evening..  I'll so miss this place. :/Photo: Jim and DadPhoto: Night falls on our last night at the lake.Photo: Jim took some shots of the sky as the sun fell.Photo: Another late sunset pic Jim took over the lake.Photo: Heading into the Delaware Water Gap, returning to Jersey on an alternate route after visiting my grandmother's grave in Dunmore.Photo: The Delaware Water Gap..  the Delaware was murky every time I saw it.Photo: "Welcome to New Jersey"