20 Photos - Nov 17, 2014
Photo: SRI demonstration field, Chumphonburi, SurinPhoto: Farmer Trainer observations, Chumphonburi, SurinPhoto: Farmers & District Trainers discussion, Chumphonburi, SurinPhoto: Happy Farmers, Chumphonburi, SurinPhoto: SRI nutritious crops, Srikhoraphum, SurinPhoto: Farmer trainer discussions, Srikhoraphum, SurinPhoto: Happy Farmer showing SRI cropsPhoto: Farmer showing Bountiful SRI Rice , Srikhorapum, SurinPhoto: SRI vs FP - "ZERO lodging” of the rice plants grown with SRI , Srikhorapum, SurinPhoto: Strengthening regional network on SRI matters , Chumphonburi , SurinPhoto: SRI demonstration field , Chumphonburi, SurinPhoto: Farmer discussion, Chumphonburi, SurinPhoto: SMART Farmer and Trainer's participationPhoto: Farmer Exchange Visit Participants from Cambodia, Lao PDR and Thailand, Chumphonburi, SurinPhoto: SRI Experimental field, Srikhorapum, SurinPhoto: Experimental field , Srikhoraphum, SurinPhoto: Discussion with Farmers, Srikhoraphum, SurinPhoto: Data collection and discussion, Srikhoraphum, SurinPhoto: Farmer Trainers at work , Srikhoraphum, SurinPhoto: Group photo- Farmer Exchange Visit