39 Photos - Dec 11, 2013
Photo: Photo: 6 vineyards: 3 in Chehalem Mountain AVA, 3 in Eola Amity AVAPhoto: Vineyard 1Photo: Node 1A - 5" deep soils, Missoula flood deposits over marine sedimentsPhoto: Dense canopy, many secondaries, high vigorPhoto: Total water in profile measured weekly with capacitance probePhoto: Total water decreases each week, especially between 2' and 3 1/2', but limiting by mid-August.Photo: Soil water tension measured every 15 minutes and data sent to Internet.Photo: 1A is  a medium stress vineyard block, with soil water tension reaching 300 kPa in late August.Photo: Mid-day stem water was measured weekly, on vines flanking the target vine.Photo: Soil tension tracked stem tension with an R-squared of 95%.Photo: Vineyard 2Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: 2B - a low stress vineyard blockPhoto: Photo: Photo: Vineyard 4Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: 4B - a high stress area in the vineyard blockPhoto: Photo: Photo: Vineyard 5Photo: Sensors installed 4 rows (20') apart.Photo: 5A, 5B, and 5C, near to farPhoto: Photo: 5A - 2' sensor tubes almost directly under the drip emitterPhoto: Photo: 5B - sensor tubes 4" back from the drip emitterPhoto: Photo: 5C - sensor tubes 6" back from the drip emitterPhoto: Photo: Photo: