59 Photos - Nov 27, 2013
Photo: Photo: Sarah Naughton First Communion 2005Photo: Father with Bridget Naughton 2005Photo: Sister in law Carole, brother Mike, great nieces Sarah and BridgetPhoto: Nephews Mike and Jim, Fr. Jim, brother Mike, father Mike 1990Photo: Matthew Naughton first Holy Communion 2008Photo: Matthew Naughton first Holy Communion 2008Photo: Matthew Naughton first Holy Communion 2008Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: The Naughton family's favorite picture of 'Unk'Photo: Photo: 1945 with younger brother MikePhoto: Fr. Jim's family  1958  Bronx, NYPhoto: This was both Fr. Jim's and his brother Mike's favorite childhood picture. The pony could not be reached for comment.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Nephew Jim Naughton's wedding to Carol  1991Photo: Fr. Jim   1939Photo: Fr. Jim showing a dangerous amount of leg  1942Photo: 1944Photo: Fr. Jim and his mother Mary Naughton 1939Photo: 1552 Leland Ave, Bronx, NY  1952Photo: 1945Photo: Fr. Jim with his Godmother Dorothy Comerford 1939Photo: Fr. Jim with mother Mary and brother MikePhoto: 1938Photo: Fr. Jim's first Holy Communion   Holy Family Church  Bronx, NY  1945Photo: 1952Photo: Fr. Jim visiting ChicagoPhoto: Fr. Jim's daily activity visiting Chicago - rest.Photo: Photo: Photo: Like every other kid, Fr. Jim was more interested in playing with the box than the actual gift.  1939Photo: Naughton family 1988Photo: Fr. Jim with his mother, father, and brother   1952Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Fr. Jim's parents Mary and Mike Naughton  Bronx, NY  1955Photo: back (L-R) Fr. Jim, cousin Jim Comerford, uncle Jim Naughton. seated cousin John Kelly, brother Mike, father MikePhoto: Photo: with nephew Jim 1992Photo: with great niece Sarah naughtonPhoto: Photo: Photo: Baptism of Matthew Naughton 2000Photo: with nephew Dan Naughton 1992Photo: Photo: Photo: At the risk of him haunting me, I'll send one embarrassing old photo.  With brother Mike 1944