25 Photos - Oct 6, 2014
Photo: Proof, that I was there.Photo: Storage containers and the rocket rail.Photo: Our work area.Photo: The main building is the quonset hut on the right.Photo: The bunkers we watched the rocket launches from.Photo: First shot, a sugar based fuel.Photo: ...And she's gone!Photo: The Triton student rocket club assembling their rocket.Photo: Armed and readyPhoto: The maker had to go put in a new ignitorPhoto: 3...2...1Photo: Fire!Photo: Static test fire of a bigger sugar rocketPhoto: Kaboom!Photo: Going out to explore the remains....Photo: ... of what remained!Photo: Even the bracket's holding the rocket were twisted.Photo: Collecting scraps of metal.Photo: Looking back at the test standPhoto: Mangled parts were scattered aboutPhoto: The brackets can be seen here, too and the exhaust deflector.Photo: Close up of the damagePhoto: All that's left.Photo: Typical rocket for the dayPhoto: Viewing Bunkers